Tilt It! Review

Tilt it! ($.99) v1.1

Mehware lives up to it’s name producing a game that’s just, “meh.”

Tilt it is a Pachinko style game with a few variations. First off instead of balls you have pucks. Secondly you can tilt the whole thing by moving your iPhone left and right. And thirdly, it moves way way slower. This game actually manages to take all the fun out of Pachinko.

img_00061I’m really quite surprised the developer was brave enough to submit this game for review, but before I get into that let’s explain how this game works.  So you have a Pachinko board in space.  You tilt the phone left and the board rotates left, tilt the phone right and the board tilts right.

To launch a puck you tap on the small section at the top of the board with the arrows. You can drop about 4 or 5 pucks at a time.  At the bottom of the board you have slots for the pucks to fall into. Some earn money, some take it away. Others earn more pucks, or take some away.

img_0007In Endurance Mode you earn 40k on a level and you advance to the next one. In Challenge mode you keep playing one board and see how high of a score you can get until your pucks run out.  In case your wondering both modes are equally boring.

Tilt It! uses the unity engine for the graphics. The unity engine can produce some amazing results like we saw in Keep it Up. In this case the board graphics are good, but everything else is horrible. The menu’s look like a 6th grade photoshop project. The backgrounds are too small, and the text in the help menu is barely legible.

img_0005Tilt It! has quite a few flaws. For example you can zoom in or out by pinching. It does not limit how much you can zoom so you can zoom way in or way out. To the point where you can’t see the board anymore. After you start a board there is no way to get back to the menu during the game.

Presentation & Graphics
The graphics are okay only on the boards, otherwise it’s horrible! Even the arrows on the board selection are messed up.

The sound is okay but it doesn’t let you play your own iPod music.

I can sum this up in 4 words: The gameplay is poopy.

This game is good for about 20 seconds.

Game Rating
Please, spend your money somewhere else. Did the developers even play their own game?

Way too close

Way too close

Where did the level go?

Where did the level go?

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  • Jay

    i luv these bash on the game style reviews

  • Bill