TileStorm review

Eggbot is in trouble; apparently his creator thought that a robot should have a paved road to be able to travel. No fancy jetpacks, hoverthingys or grappling devices for this robot. Now the worst has happened, Eggbot needs to go places but the roads are all puzzled up. It is up to you to help Eggbot along the way.

TileStorm is a tile sliding puzzle game where you touch tiles, and slide them into new positions to complete a road for Eggbot. The controls are completely touch based, and respond very well. The puzzles range from simpleton to hard as nails, and once I focus on the game I am mesmerized. It takes quite a lot of concentration, and a lot of work as well sliding tiles around manically. There is no way to get game over as far as I know. A timer counts up giving you a time to beat.

img_2011Graphics are really good and functional, and especially later levels look really cool with Egyptian and medieval themes.  The levels are suspended in space, and at times I would like some movement in the stars in the background. Some animations for Eggbot when he stands around waiting for me to finish the puzzle would also be appreciated. Still this is not a game where graphics and effects are necessary as the puzzle quality is what really matters.

The music in the game is ok but as always it is hard to create music for puzzle games that works for hours of puzzling. You can turn the volume down, and play your own music or podcasts. Fleshing out a personality for Eggbot by using one-liners for example would enhance the game. At the moment there are no sound effects.

As I stated earlier the puzzle quality is what matters, and TileStorm comes with loads of good quality puzzles. As with all puzzle games us players have different abilities when it comes to solving problems. I breeze through all ordinary tile-sliding levels where each tile move independently. I have a lot harder figuring out the levels with movement of the entire row forcing you to think even further ahead. This gives the game a bit of variation, and with a total of 100 puzzles TileStorm should take ages to complete for the casual gamer. If you have trouble with sliding tile puzzles in other games such as Mystery Mania you should get TileStorm to practice those skills.

There is no online functionality or achievements to be found in TileStorm. You have to complete a theme of levels before proceeding to the next, and that is the only unlockable in the game. On the positive side the game can be played in either of the landscape directions, saves upon exit and boots up really quickly. The game also keeps a log of all your playing statistics.

I have had loads of fun with TileStorm, and it is really rewarding to complete a puzzle that has kept me stumped for hours. It comes with loads of challenging puzzles, and someone has to help Eggbot to complete them. I can easily recommend TileStorm as a neat puzzler both for those extra minutes in line, and for hours in front of the telly.

Final Rating


TileStorm $2.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Andrew Cakebread
TileStorm Lite

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    i played a game like this on pc. i cant remember the name but i did have fun with it.

  • games maniac

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    thank you for the post!!
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    Well, here is the link if someone wants to download it

    hope you like and have fun!!

  • Simon

    I sincerely hope that Massive Hadron don’t follow your advice! The incrementation of ‘eye candy’ (such as a scrolling background, an animated Eggbot, or lines of frustrated – and frustrating! – dialogue from an idle Eggbot) would all serve as a tremendous distraction from the actual gameplay, which is what makes this such an excellent app. There should be more games like this one: simple and clean, without all of the added nonsense. Those with ADHD can play something else.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    I understand your point of view. Still there is a reason why a game such as Cogs gets more attention than TileStorm. Basically they are based on much the same formula, but Cogs are more designed to be eye candy. I like TileStorm a lot more than Cogs due to having better puzzles, and I would like to see more people getting into it.