Tiki Towers 2 review

There is some serious monkey business going on in the banana republic. A crazy gorilla has taken power, and taken on the role of el presidente primate. You have to guide the resistance through the obstacle courses, and defeat the hairy beast. To your help you have a bunch of stupid chimpanzees.

Tiki Towers 2 continues the same type of gameplay as the first game. You have to build bridges, platforms and structures for the monkeys to reach the exit on. On the way there are bananas for the monkeys to pick up, and for a perfect score you need to collect them all. The monkeys won’t help you, and have about the same IQ as Lemmings. If a monkey can’t reach the exit the level is failed. The same goes for the death of a monkey from a fall, fire or drowning.

img_3184Building is fairly easy using the touch controls. It can be fiddly though when you try to build next to vines where the game lets vines take priority over bamboo. You have a limited amount of bamboo to use for each level, and there is seldom any bamboo left when you manage to beat a level. The erase function is easy to use, and has to be used frequently. I really enjoyed the original Tiki Towers, as it had some room for own solutions to the levels. In Tiki Towers 2 it is much more strict, and most of the time is spent fine-tuning solution instead of finding my own. I found the magnifier tool to be really helpful in seeing the details, and it helped me a lot in stretching my designs.

The level structure is vastly improved in Tiki Towers 2 offering a classic Super Mario kind of world map. Many levels feature multiple exits, and most of the time you have to solve both to progress. One way might lead to a level with an item that has to be used on the level unlocked the other way. This is the best new addition the sequel has to offer. It feels like there is a reason to keep playing. On the other hand it gets really frustrating when stuck without the chance to skip a level.

img_3200The presentation is chirpy, happy and full of life. Compared to other games emerging on iOS it feels simple, but still fully functional. The music, and sound effects suit the game, but aren’t memorable. You can play your own music, but that also cancels the sound effects.

Tiki Towers 2 comes with 30 levels, and that might not sound like a lot. If you are a seasoned physics gamer you might still get about 3-4 hours out of it. It all depends on how often you get stuck. If completely new to the genre I recommend you to start either with the first Tiki Towers or Bridge Odyssey from Gameloft. Tiki Towers 2 is a hard game in the genre, and it doesn’t ease you in at all. I have yet to take all the bananas for the earlier levels, and that is after breezing through most physics puzzle games for the iOS during the past two years. The game comes with Game Center integration for achievements, and online functionality.

img_3170Tiki Towers 2 is both fun and frustrating at the same time. I like the map integration that gives a sense of progression. The levels are however not as good as in the original, and own solutions are hard to work with. It feels like the game wants a specific bridge or structure, and much time is spent trying to figure out what the game wants. The monkeys are no help whatsoever, and often I think they want to die. Instead of leaping to safe ground they hang onto loose structures until all comes plummeting down. At times I don’t even feel like saving the banana republic, and that gorilla dictator is no worse than most of our politicians today. It just wants to have as many bananas as possible, and who doesn’t want that.

Final Rating


Tiki Towers 2 $2.99 Universal Binary
Version: 1.1.1
Seller: RealNetworks, Inc.

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