Thumpies Review

As Tarzan swings through the jungle, he feels a bit adventurous and decides to venture into the unknown forest. He clutches vine after vine, as he flies past gorilla, cheetah, elephant, and macaw. As he gets farther and farther away from his home, the familiar sounds begin to fade, and a dull silence overtakes him. At last, he reaches the dark canopy of trees, where nobody has gone beyond, and he begins to hear some tribal music! He cautiously peers through the vines and leaves, and sees small round puffballs bouncing around on drums, mushrooms, and more; making a new kind of music. He sees the Thumpies!bum bum ba dum

Thumpies is a game in which you must tap each marker as your thumpies bounce upon them to make a tune. Each area has a few different tracks for each song; the first generally being rhythm, then the latter ones being various melodies or vaguely vocal tunes. At the end of each track, the audio is overlayed onto the previously completed tracks for the song, so you can hear your tune taking shape.

As an added challenge, you are tasked with capturing as many colored butterflies as possible, and this is done by tapping them before they wander into the path of a thumpie, who will eat it. Butterflies are used to unlock more thumpies, which add variety to your bouncing buddies. bzzt bzzt bzzt

Each level has three difficulty settings, and for me personally, hard was the most fun. The harder you play, the more intricate your tapping patterns become. Also, the harder difficulties cause bad timing to cost you more. As you tap at the right time, your progress bar will fill up, but if you tap the wrong target, or miss entirely, it drains.  Once you miss too much and the bar drains completely, all of your captured butterflied will be released and must be re-captured else they will be eaten.

If you can get a streak of good taps, your thumpies will be charged with electricity and give you double points towards your song progress. This can be quite helpful, but any misses will cause you to lose the boost.

Thumpies is a great game, full of peaceful and yet cool music. There are plenty of unlockable thumpies, and each level’s tune is unique. Unfortunately, it is a bit short, with only 16 different levels. Overall, I find it to be a great musical game, worth the $2.99 that is being charged.


Thumpies – $2.99

Version 1.1

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  • AnotherTim

    I don’t need to pay $2.99 to touch hairy balls.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    I love this game even though I have my own supply of hairy balls:)

  • AnotherTim

    How many hairy balls do you have? I mean, does only two of something really constitute a “supply” of them? If not, I think it’s important you let us know what number does. I mean, I’ve had Swedish meatballs before, but I always assumed they came from cows…