The Sims 3 World Adventures review

The Sims go global with the new The Sims 3 World Adventures. That is if you by global mean three locations beside the generic hometown USA. You get to travel to China, Egypt and France, and visit a couple of landmarks for each location. Once you visit a landmark you get a couple of stills, some good factual texts and your Sim goofing around. When visiting the Great Wall in China I thought this was quite amusing. After a couple of more landmarks it felt old, and finally when I visited France I just tapped the screen to avoid the screen going black. There is no way to skip these about minute long episodes. Traveling abroad is done by air, and a small minigame lets you use the accelerometer to avoid getting airsickness. It is a hard minigame to control in my opinion, and it is a bit hit and miss. If you fail it your Sim will be sick when arriving, and in serious need of a lie down and some hygiene.

img_0878The World Adventures is an addon for Sims 3, but in the case of the iPhone version the addon comes at the cost of a limitation to the base game. One of the removed gameplay elements that I enjoyed in Sims 3 for the iPhone was fishing. Instead there are four new minigames, and those include language skills and bartering skills. Both of which are kind of boring, and the touch controls for selecting coins in bartering is somewhat unresponsive.

Traveling to the three locations is quite fun as your Sim gets to flirt with the Chinese, and argue with the French. Clothes, furniture and foodstuff get more varied. There are also goals that span the four different locations, such as insult an Egyptian or befriend a Chinese. This forces you to fly around a bit, and I managed to get good friends around the “World”, and a few hostile French peasants throwing me out as well.
The Sims 3 World Adventures add an extra layer of polish to the Sims 3 engine, but there are still some nagging clipping issues and the odd crash reported from 3G and earlier devices. You can play your own music or listen to the quite enjoyable Simished soundtrack.

img_0873There is little reason to get World Adventures if you already own the Sims 3 for iPhone. I actually find the original Sims 3 to be a better Sims game than World Adventures. That said I find World Adventure to be a better game overall with a cooler set of personal goals spanning the different locations. There is not that many new things to experience in World Adventures though, and within an hour you can experience all the new content. As the base Sims game is limited there is not much to do after that hour. Going back home to buy a better stereo seems less important when you have visited the Pyramids, the Eifel tower and the Forbidden City.

img_0874The Sims 3 World Adventures offer very little in terms of Sims gameplay, but the good production values save the final score. The fact that you can import and export the Sims between the Sims 3 and World Adventures is also a big positive factor to the game. I personally think that the World Adventures should have been either included as an update to the ordinary Sims 3 or sold as an in app purchase. (DLC)

Final Rating


The Sims 3 World Adventures $6.99 (get it on The Sims 3 World Adventures)
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Electronics Arts

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