The Screetch – Review

The Screetch is a real mix. Think Connect Four meets Bejeweled with some weird twist. Most puzzle games are entertaining, but is this one of them?

The Screetch is an original kind of game. You will notice it from the very first moment you tap on the app icon and you go to the menu. You stand in awe, kind of lost and wondering what the heck is waiting for you after you press play.

The game is pretty simple. Just drop some spheres into the column in order to match three colors, either vertically or horizontally. If you manage to match three colors horizontally, the next sphere you will drop will be charged. The good thing about these charged spheres is that once they are matched with two other spheres of their respective color, they will eliminate everything on their current row and column, but most importantly they won’t be trapped by the Screetch.

screetch1Oh, what is the Screetch you ask? It is this black dense liquid. Who knows what it actually is. The important thing to know is that, every time you throw a sphere into a column the Screetch will start grabbing other spheres that are already in play. What I mean by this is that the spheres will start to get some black stuff around them, and they can even become black completely. If this happens, you won’t be able to match them with anything because hey…they are black, no color to match them. Of course, you can free them again by making a combination near them. Once you do a combination, it will free those spheres that are near it. That way you will be able to match them again. Now here is where the actual puzzle part of it comes to play. It is a good thing that you remember where each sphere is at, even after they have been covered in black. That way if you don’t have anywhere to place a specific color, you will drop it on top of a sphere that was once that color, because once that one is free…they will match.

One question remains though, how do you win? Well, I am not exactly sure how they measure it, but the idea is for YOU to trap the Screetch. The way you do this though is by making matches. The better and faster you make the matches (faster as in, between each throw, not really time-wise) the faster the level will end. They award you for combos (making matches in a row). That is pretty much it.

screetch2The game as a whole is pretty entertaining but it can become kind of confusing. Is the Screetch trapping spheres randomly? How does it actually work? In the end, it is one of those games that reminded me of the good old days when you’d get the 10 level trials and then buy the whole version for the PC. It is that kind of puzzle game but with better visuals and sound. Because let me tell you, this is a dark but gorgeous game visually, it has a very polished artstyle. There is also a global board that you can use to compare yourself to the rest of the world. (I am #24 on the premium league with 300,000 points: yeyeman9)

Although the game looks good and is pretty fun, $2.99 seems like you are paying too much for what the game actually is. If you are a puzzle addict, this should be a definite buy for you. But if you play puzzle games casually, you might want to wait for this one to either drop its price or for something better to come along.


The Screetch is out now for $2.99. Get it on the The

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  • IronM

    Cool review! The game looks like some twist in match3 genre. And visuals really impressive, so I don’t understand why text so positive but rating only 3 star?

  • Nigel Wood

    I think despite the nice visuals, the game itself was like so many other match 3 games out there. 3/5 is still an OK score.

  • IronM

    Hm. But Jose said that The Screetch is an original kind of game, NOT another match3.

  • Jose Ramos

    Hey IronM, thanks for the comments!

    It is indeed an original kind of game, in the sense that it has the screetch. Where you have to pay attention to the black liquid and for it not to cover your spheres. But apart from that it feels like many other match 3 games (something I should have mentioned sorry). So that is why I gave it 3 and not higher.

  • IronM

    Hi Jose!

    I just purchase The Screetch and as for me it’s more like color match + drop7, than bejeweled-like. Anyway, thanks for review, I really glad that you tell me about this marvelous game!

  • Jose Ramos

    Hey IronM!

    I am glad I could help. By the way, see if you can beat my score of 300,000 and let me know :P Good luck and have fun!