The Saboteur review

One of my favorite top down military shooters of all time is Into the Eagle’s Nest released back in 1987 for the Commodore 64. Seeing the screenshots for The Saboteur I got my hopes up as I saw a lot of similarities. Sadly the spanking new shooter lacks fun, action and freedom of movement. The 23 year old game spanks it thoroughly.

In The Saboteur you control the Sean Dewlin who has to start his adventure by escaping an exploding ship. The game is a top down shooter with touch controls. The digital pad is really emulating digital movement, which I find strange as I am used to sticks. The fire button is quite unresponsive, and it is hard to tell if Sean actually follows your actions.

img_0830The biggest problem for me is that the levels are highly scripted. Learning the routes is key to survival. I don’t find this gameplay mechanic fun at all. If I run to fast through a section I have to wait for stuff to happen before progressing. At times I have to run into dead ends to be able to progress. This is ok if it happens on one occasion, but in The Saboteur it happens all the time.

Enemy soldiers seem to be able to shoot from longer range than Sean, and firefights always becomes a war of health. No skill needed as long as you move Sean close enough to the enemy. Sneaking past enemies is near impossible as they walk their programmed paths, and can’t be lured away.

img_0815The presentation and music is definitely decent but not more than that. The game stutters at times on my 3GS as barrels explode. Murky graphics, and limited animations are countered with quite nice explosions.

No support for own music further enhances the anti customer friendly feel of the game. The final nail in that coffin is that the vibration can’t be turned off when playing. The game doesn’t even respect the mute switch.

I found The Saboteur to be a total fail of a game. Linear scripted levels with non-existent AI soldiers you wage unskilled battles against using unresponsive controls. I have not played the Xbox360 FPS version of The Saboteur, and after playing this drivel I feel no need to ever walk in Sean Dewlin’s shoes again. Give this a miss.

Final Rating


The Saboteur $2.99 (get it from The Saboteur?)
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Hands-On Mobile

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  • Maurice

    The sabouteur for consoles and pc is not FPS It’s open world like GTA