The Raging Dead review

Some game ideas appeal more to me than others, and the idea behind The Raging Dead is almost too much to my liking. You are responsible for securing your city against the living dead threat. And these zombies aren’t your ordinary slow moving rotting carcasses, but rather like in the movie “28 days later” they are quite agile. At least that is what I am guessing as they are only represented by small red dots.

You get an overview of the city from a birds eye perspective, and to fire your weapons you simply tap the screen. Zombies are red dots, and they keep chasing the blue dots representing the civilians you have sworn to defend. If one of the moderately angry zombies tag a civilian the infection spreads. Your peaceful city can go from lazy town to crazy mayhem in a matter of seconds if you aren’t on your toes. You have two weapons to counter the invasion: machinegun and bombs. The machinegun requires pin point finger accuracy to take out a zombie whereas the bomb has got an area blast effect killing everything within it’s radius. Both weapons take time to reload, and you have to switch between the two to maximize your killing capacity.

img_0089The Raging Dead is really well presented, and sticks to the overview look throughout the game. The cities are quite simple in graphics opting for a cell shaded look cartoon look not too far from most of the line drawing games featuring cities on the iPhone. The music is really good drawing inspiration from the soundtrack for the first Resident Evil movie. A perfect mix of slow percussion, haunting bass and eerie atmosphere. The sound effects are more or less limited to the sounds of weapons fired, and those are really well implemented. The game fades out my own music, which is a shame as I would love to have some Rob Zombie accompanying the game.

Gamelife is quite long as the game comes with 22 replay able levels, 4 rankings for each level and 10 medals to unlock. You can, and have to, upgrade your machinegun and bomb to be able to progress. Hence replaying levels earns you more money to upgrade different crucial aspects to the weapons.
img_0081So far The Raging Dead seems to be a perfect simulation of zombie mayhem. Sadly it has one major flaw, and that flaw is seriously impairing the gameplay. The zombies are really small on screen, and my fingers are really large. This means three things: I am having trouble locating the non-dead raging dead as the dead raging dead are still on screen as red dots, albeit a darker shade of red. I am having trouble hitting the red dots, as my finger seems to be too big or something. And finally the finger is in the way of the screen when accuracy is needed. Some kind of cursor method for aiming would be preferred. And a setting to remove dead zombies would also be appreciated. Furthermore it is impossible to play The Raging Dead if you are colour-blind or only have trouble separating blue from red. A zoom function might also be a help in aiming as it would make targets larger.

The Raging Dead could have been such a great game. The idea behind it is splendid, but the execution isn’t good enough. The Raging Dead is a frustrating experience for me. It is supposed to be hard, but now it is not a rewarding kind of hard. With a couple of updates The Raging Dead may become a great game, but the reviewed version is not good enough to warrant a recommendation.

Final Rating


The Raging Dead $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: GhostBird Software

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  • Tim

    Rob Zombie!

    Tell me Torbjorn, what is the song “Dragula” about? Is it about sodomizing a cross-dressing vampire? That is what I assume from perusing the lyrics.