The Quest Review

Any old-school RPG fans in the house?

The quest is an old style RPG game very similar to titles like Heros of Might & Magic. When starting the game you are able to choose a character from 5 different races with different racial abilities. You can customize your skill allocation, or choose a premade template for common classes like Warrior, Ranger, Wizard, etc. The creation is very customizable and opened ended so you are able to make a very large variety of characters with exactly the skills you want. One your player is chosen you are introduced to a very detailed story involving some detailed pixel art and a lot of reading. Once dropped in the game you are left to your devices to either carry out your mission (the main story line) or not. You can help citizens with their requests and become a hero or steal from them and become a criminal, or attack them and decide to be pure evil (can you hear my evil laugh?).

iphoneshot3Because there are no skill restrictions in the game you can choose to allocate your skill points in whatever area you like. You can be a warrior that can learn to heal, you are not restricted by your class like a lot of other games. In fact, in the quest there really is no “class” per se, you just choose skills suited for how you want to play the game. There is so much variety in your character development it’s amazing. Even just in magic there are over 60 different spells, in 6 different magic classes (healing, protection, attack, etc.) When creating your character your are more likely to be overwhelmed by the choices then feel frustrated by limitations like other RPG’s.

The Quest has a massive 40-50 hours of gameplay with hundreds of monsters and items, 4 towns, ruins, swamps, forests, lakes, underground caves, and more. Because the game is open ended you can work on the linear story line, or leave town go to another part of the map and find your fortune there. The game has incredible depth in skill development from leveling through quests to a very advanced alchemy and enchanting system. If  you need more money or want to take a break from the main game there is also a card mini-game you can play at any inn. To add even more depth quests have multiple endings, some with as many as 5 or 6 endings depending on what actions you took.

iphoneshot4I was impressed by the graphics in this game. The game isn’t really 3D although you are in a 3D environment. There aren’t any polygons just 2d scenes that wrap around your character. This will be the first thing you notice while traveling around in the game. When you turn your are changing your view in the scene rather then being able to move freely in a 3d environment. This limits your movements to specific increments, exactly as it was in the older RPG’s. The pixel art is very detailed and interesting. Some of the portraits look realistic while most are fantastic and whimsical. The colors have a lot of contrast adding interest, but some screens can look busy or cluttered because of so much detail.

The Quest is not a “new” game and this works to it’s advantage. Because this was a game that was released on other portable platforms like the Pocket PC, it has been working on polishing and creating content for a long time. This shows in the game in many ways including its detailed and witty writing, wide variety of quests and environments, and in the sheer scale of the game. I feel that because its a seasoned product it has the most content of any RPG on the iPhone to date.

iphoneshot6The one weakness The Quest has is in it’s controls. Again this game was released on other devices, but all those other devices had buttons. With the iPhone it seems they tried to make a good interface for control, which works, but can feel cumbersome or clumsy. To move around you have to chose from 6 directional buttons (forward, backward, rotate right, rotate left, strafe right and strafe left) arranged like a remote control style pad. Because of the limitations of not being truly 3D you can’t move around like you would in an FPS instead you move more like a piece on board, moving and turning one step at a time in a specific direction, like robot. Fans of the older RPG’s will find this familiar and be able to accept it. Those new to this type of game may have a very hard time feeling comfortable playing the game with these controls.

Presentation & Graphics
I like the hand created graphics. There is a lot of detail and great contrast. Overall very good graphics.

Nothing fantastic about the audio, but nothing bad either. The Quest will allow you to play your iPod music.

This is hard to rate, either you love it or hate it. I love the open-ended gameplay with TONS of content, I give it 4 stars. Currently the controls do get in the way of the game.

The Quest has more gameplay than any other RPG I’ve seen on the platform.

Game Rating
For me The Quest is a 4.5 out of 5, but without better controls, or and the fact that the game won’t be accesible for everyone I can’t give it more than a 3. Fans of old-school RPG’s like Might and Magic will love The Quest. For you this game will be a 5-star title. For others, who don’t like the old style RPG’s may find the graphics outdated, and the open ended play style frustrating, and the graphics out-dated. This is one of those games you either love or hate, and I love it.

The Quest ($5.99)

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  • MyZuneBroke

    As someone that really enjoyed a similar game called Orcs and Elves on my older cell phone, The Quest somehow didn’t do it for me. It was not the premise of the game that bothered me, but simply the way that the 3d sense of the game world was managed. One feels as if objects move relative to the direction that you are looking, when really they should be stationary. Orcs and elves was much more linear so this felt fine, but translate that garbled sense of 3d to an open world game and it just gets disappointing, especially with the 3d that we see chillingo bringing with its new vampire game.

  • Legend.Inc

    I’m not going to buy this. I’m probably one of those people who will hate it.

  • Ben

    I like it a lot.

  • Vangel

    It’s my favourite game – I like the open-world game mechanics and game balance. The plot is also nice. You have a lot of stuff to finde, a lot of books to read and many monsters to defeat. For me it’s a full size old-school RPG – I was looking after such game.

  • Xenos

    I am not the BIGGEST fan of this game, & I know its gotten alot of flak for its controls – I’ve always come to its defense in this regard. Given enough patience, one can get used of most control schemes & comfortably play most games. People are too quick to criticise. There certainly is not many 1st Person RPGs, & yes it takes a while, but once you’ve got it down, they work a treat. In fact the 4-way D-pad works alot like an anologue stick.

  • Jack

    Hmm, people shouldn’t review games without playing them more thoroughly…

    The controls are one of the best things about this game! You can use the buttons on the screen, but you can also just swipe your finger in whatever direction you want to move in! It’s very easy and you can move forwards, backwards, left and right, by swiping your finger in any of those directions, and you can even turn by swiping diagonally. If you are travelling a long distance, you just hold your finger on one of the buttons and it auto runs for you. Really, I don’t see how the controls couldn’t be any better than this…

    Also, the pseudo 3d thing, I don’t see why you should make such a big deal out of it. When I was a little kid, every RPG I played was like that. I had no problem with it at all, and that’s when I was like 7 years old. If someone can’t get used to it in about 1 minute, then they are too dumb to even play the game anyway. The same goes for anyone who is “overwhelmed by choices”. Yeah maybe the average Call of Duty kiddie might get bewildered by having choices, but most people would do fine.

    Also, if you are going to be a games writer, at least learn the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’…

  • Tai-Shun

    Beautiful, i like the fact that there is no polygons, that makes thegame MUCH small, for instance an actual 3d game(triggerfist) is 76MB while this game is only 36. Triggerfist has MUCH less gameplay. Both games equally worth a play but the quest series, to me is worth every last penny.