The Office Quick Review

When I saw this one come in I was so excited. I am a huge fan of The Office on NBC (the American one, I’ve never seen the British one). Boy, I don’t think I have ever been let down so badly in my life, and frankly I am shocked that NBC even gave a green light to this project, because it puts The Office name to shame.

340364_3The game is just a series of overly simply and boring mini games, most of which seem to consist of tapping a big button on the right side of the screen at a certain time, for example, catching a fax right as it comes out of the machine.

It uses the license in a somewhat creative manor, as all of the little mini games are based on something that happened in the show at some point. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s all poorly implemented, and the mini games are so simple that they aren’t even fun.

Overall, even if you are the most hardcore fan of The Office, there is no reason to buy this game, as it is just downright bad.

Presentation & Graphics
Ugly art style with 2d graphics. It kind of looks like it was drawn by a little kid, and not in that cute hand drawn style that a lot of games use. Not pleasant to look at all. It’s also not very well animated. The menus aren’t bad though.

There is nothing special in the sound, no voices of the characters.

There is little good in the gameplay here. The mini games are way to simple and not even fun to play. The only thing that keeps this from being a .5 is that games are at least themed directly off episodes of the show.

I played the game for a while, but I had to for the review, if you spend more then 5 minutes with this game by your own choice, then you are crazy.

Game Rating

This is just a bad game, and one that I would not recommend anyone buy… EVER. Stay away from NBC’s The Office Challenge.

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    haha, what a crap game. pardon my language there!