The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. review

This gun isn’t even loaded, and if it was naked it wouldn’t know what to do.

The gameplay in the naked gun is a confusing mess with classic point and click adventure mechanics as the core. Based around finding clues, talking to the limited variety of characters standing idle, and keeping track of it all using an extensive case file system there is actually a good foundation to an adventure. Too bad it is interrupted by poor gallery shooting segments, a monetary system based on Drebin going back to find loot that regenerates over time and worst of all a poorly animated protagonist. Moving Drebin is done by holding where you want him to move. Most of the time this leads to Parkinson disease twitches that showcases the lack of animation clearly.

As a fan of both the movies, and the series I am quite disappointed in how stiffly the humour has been interpreted in the game. Drebin’s complete lack of self-awareness is a major part of his character paired with an overwhelming confidence, and a kind of all imposing clumsiness. There are some attempts at making jokes along these lines, but being so blatantly obvious from everyone around him it feels easier to just let Drebin retire than to remind him of all his past mistakes. There is also a joke about the fact that he drives a Pious(Toyota Prius) that keeps repeating every time you use the map. Sure it is good being climatically aware, but having read that global warming is my bitch a couple of times I start to care less about the penguins having to scrap the winter outfit for a more tropical fashion.

The main problem though is the fact that most of the cases are rather boring, linear or not even actually solved at all. Some cases end up in a tap gallery shootout, and others just end once a set number of items have been found. The cases revolving a bit more thought are rare, and the fact that I could have all cases active at the same time meant that I solved cases I hadn’t even read up on by just visiting locations, and tapping stuff. This kind of problem solving is more in the vein of the holistic antics of Dirk Gently.

The presentation isn’t interesting at all with the limited animations of Drebin as the tip of the ice-berg. Looking at the screenshots one might argue that it looks just as good as Hector or Puzzle Agent but it doesn’t compare once you play it. Lacking in own personality, depth to the locations and an ultimate feeling of the bland. There is some occasionally ok voice acting that is technically sound, but paired with this rather boring rendition of Drebin it falls flat.

One of the most fun sequences in a comedy movie is when Nordberg(O.J. Simpson) stumbles into a bunch of evil sailors on a boat in the first The Naked Gun movie. None of that hilarious slapstick made it into the game. This game lacks in almost every department, and most of all in the lack of fun makes it a game best left forgotten.


Final Rating


The Naked Gun I.C.U.P $2.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: DNA Interactive Ltd.

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