The Island – Castaway review

What would you do if you found yourself flushed up on a distant beach with little recollection of the past, and an even vaguer idea of where you are? Tom Allison has to find a way to survive, and to get an idea of how to escape the island he has been castaway upon. He is not alone though, and the people he meets all share a sense of mystery. Early on survival is all about gathering fruit, and eating some coconuts. Quickly Tom learns to cook, and make much more nourishing foodstuff and he can focus on finding out about the mysteries of the island, and the original inhabitants.

The Island – Castaway is a fun casual game where you get to run around collecting fruit, do some fishing and run a wide array of errands for the people you meet. There isn’t a whole lot to the actual gameplay, and it is far from challenging. Still it is highly enjoyable, and just exploring the different islands is fun. Furthermore the old hunter-gatherer instinct kicks in, and hoarding of usable stuff ensues. This is one of those games that are perfect to play for an hour total each day taken in shorter chunks.

The presentation is not the strong aspect of the game, and it feels a bit too basic. This is never more evident than when the game wants to become cinematic, and goes into a widescreen mode blacking the top and bottom borders ordinary used for the hud. The music is ok, but nothing memorable. You are free to listen to your own music, which is appreciated.

The Island – Castaway is an exciting albeit not that challenging take on being stranded on an island. It tries to infuse some mystery, but in the end you run around doing errands in a quite linear experience. Still it is highly enjoyable to learn new recipes to collect for, and then cook. Finding new foodstuff, and solve the mystery of the island.

Final Rating


The Island – Castaway Free with $4.99 IAP to unlock full version
Version: 1.0
Seller: G5 Entertainment AB

The Island – Castaway HD Free with $6.99 IAP to unlock full version. iPad only.

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