The Infinity Project Review

Infinity project is a first person shooter/adventure, which very much reminded me of Star Wars: Dark Forces. Graphically it’s better, though it’s no NOVA. It features full 3D environments and characters, as well as some pretty cool particle effects. The premise of the game is to find out what has happened at Infinity Station, a research and development facility located in deep space currently developing controversial technologies and military weapons. The station has lost contact with earth and it’s up to you to investigate.

ip1It seems the station is under attack from Earth’s mortal enemies the Talon’s, and they have managed to get hold of the Infinity device. This allows them to materialise in front of you and attack. Luckily you are armed with a trusty machine gun to take them out.

Movement is controlled via a left analogue stick for forward and side stepping, while dragging anywhere on screen will allow you to look around. The setup is identical to NOVA, and works almost as well. In my original hands-on with the game, the fire button was above the stick on the left, so to shoot you pretty much had to stand still… it wasn’t ideal but as most firefights take place in cramped corridors it was not a huge problem. SInce then though Crazy Robot have placed the fire button bottom right, and just like Nova once you have depressed it, you can drag your finger to aim while shooting.

ip4I mentioned Dark Forces earlier, and it’s similarities stem from the fact that the gameplay primarily involves finding security cards to get access to the next section, with the enemies doing their best to stop you. These range from regular infantry soldiers, to heavy armed gunners, security droids, gun placements that auto shoot, rocket launcher wielding men, and advanced soldiers with lasers. Some sections end with a boss battle of sorts. These are heavily shielded foes, which hold the key to the next section and sometimes new weapons.

Overall the game is fun, particularly the exploration parts which can also be likened to system shock, though less scary. Graphically it looks pretty good with some nice models and texture work running at a smooth framerrate… I particulary like the partical effects when shooting oil cans. However, it’s limited budget does show in parts, particularly in the AI routines which are not that challenging. Most foes will stand still and continuously shoot you once they have you in their sights. This is where much of it becomes point, shoot and hope you out-gun them gameplay.


As a first stab at FPS’s on the iPhone, Crazy Robot have done a good job overall, particulary on the story and atmosphere which keep things interesting. The game ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so lets hope the sequel sees improvement, especially in the AI. If so then the Infinity Project could rise from it’s B-movie style beginings to something more primetime in its appeal.


The Infinity Project is out now for $1.99 (currently $0.99)

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  • Matt Allen

    I’m a little on the fence about this one.
    But I just might pick it up now at 99c.
    Good to see the site updated more frequently
    as it’s my favorite iPhone gaming site.
    But where are the podcasts??

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    We’ll be recording one this weekend, so look for it Monday. :)

  • Matt Allen

    Sounds good.
    Maybe one of you could Review a little game
    called Project Phoenix, I haven’t played all
    the way though it but so far it’s a really entertaining game.
    And Unfortunantly it hasn’t been exposed much at all.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I have really been jonesing for you guys to update more.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Don’t want to make excuses, but what with Vacation and the christmas break, things have slowed. You have to remember that unlike the other sites out there, we all do this in our spare time… as we all have full time jobs.

    I do feel however, that while we may not be as up-to-date as the full-time sites out there, what we do offer is of a high quality, particularly in our reviews.

  • Tim

    I agree that you guys have the best reviews, which is why I look for you to update more. ;)


    Me agree too!!!!
    Btw I feel like this is going to be a great year for touch gaming. I’m waiting for any itablet news.

  • xstra

    U got to check out the new update. They say they upgraded almost EVERYTHING!!!!! Graphics, more guns, more enemies, better AI, more interaction (eg. search all dead bodies, more suspense) redid some of the levels, and more options for customization. It wud be sweet i u cud update the review with the new update.