The Incident – retro goodness coming soon

Big Bucket Software will soon release ‘The Incident’, a survival platformer with a visual homage to games of yesteryear…Featuring beautiful 8-Bit graphics, the game sees you control Frank Solway, a regular Joe who, while minding his own business on a city street, suddenly fins himself fleeing from falling objects from the sky. The object is to avoid the falling objects all the while climbing the pile until you reach the level goal. The objects fall in their hundreds and include everyday household items such as furniture and appliances, as well as larger objects such as pianos, telephone boxes, stone statues and cars of all shapes and sizes. Moving Frank involves tilting the device while jumping is initiated with a quick tap of the screen. Powerups are available, including 1ups, health and crash helmets. To complete the retro feel the game has some toe-tapping 8-bit tune-age going on too. Look for my full impressions soon.

Check out the screens and video below:

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