The Impossible Game review

I am so bad at this, it is truly impossible. It doesn’t help that I can’t stop laughing at how bad my brain reacts to this game. A triangle –jump, a triangle –jump, two triangles –jump, a square –jump ->death. Ok once more then. A triangle –jump, a triangle –jump, two triangles –jump, a square –jump ->death. What the heck, ok third time is the charm they say. A triangle –jump, a triangle –jump, two triangles –jump, a square –jump ->death.

img_2020The Impossible Game is a simple game that messes up at least my brain’s pattern recognition beyond belief. I know that I should jump to land on that square, but my brain reacts like it is as deadly as the triangles thus jumping over it instead. This is what makes the game impossible to me. I have read reviews saying that they completed the game in about 10 minutes. That will not happen to me.

In The Impossible Game you have one control, jump, and it is induced by touching anywhere on the screen. Triangles and black pits are deadly, and squares are ok to jump on to proceed. A practice mode is initiated by touching the flag at the bottom of the screen. This lets you continue wherever you dropped the flag. This is of course just for practice, and to beat the game you better get used to learning the entire level by heart.

The presentation is clean and simple with just a gradient as background. In this kind of game this minimal presentation really works, and lets you really focus on the challenge at hand. The music is cool electronica changing depending on whether you use the practice mode or not. In the real mode it is somewhat more stressful. You get the choice at startup if you want your already playing music to keep playing, which is nice.

img_2022There are no online leaderboards, and that is a shame. Instead the game utilizes Twitter and Facebook to spread your best scores. The game also tracks your stats such as number of retries, and longest run. Medals are also available for completing the game, and for playing it a lot. I would have liked to see more levels, and this is one of those games that really needs a level editor.

The Impossible Game is definitely a fun diversion, but that is depending on how well your brain functions. For me who seems to be really slow in adjusting to new patterns this induces giggles, and frantic laughter. For those quick minded individuals able to beat it within 30 minutes it won’t be that fun, or challenging. For once it is good to be thick. If you have a slow friend or partner you can have so much fun together with this one. The Impossible Game is best played by those it is impossible for.

Rating for slow thick people whom will find the game impossible.


Rating for quick clever people whom will find the game possible.


The Impossible Game $0.99 The Impossible Game
Version: 1.0
Seller: David Bentley

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  • Matt Dunn, USA

    I consider myself very quick and clever, and have played the Xbox 360 version of this game for hours. I’ve yet to beat it. Those damn triple spikes!

  • Luke

    I have not played this game yet, but I’m sure I’ll complete it in 9 minutes 59 seconds.

    If only I had a promo code to prove myself ;)

  • Zack B.

    i’m sure i’ll be one to enjoy this game a lot (probably after 500 tries will i finish!)

  • AnotherTim

    I’m sure I’ll be dafter than you, T-Bjorn. I suck at reaction and recognition both. I can’t play Super Mario or Sudoku well. But I’m willing to try either!

  • Signatus

    I think I’m brilliant, but I’m waiting for this game to prove me wrong :P

  • Jas

    I’m so clever I can count to five…..erm…..perhaps not ;-)

  • Crypton

    Those tripple Spikes are a pain-in-the-a..
    I’m currently at 57% in practice mode and 51% in the normal game with 502 attempts and keep coming back for more punishment…
    It’s one of the rare games where my hearts pounds harder when a difficult section is coming up… the music def. supports this.
    Awesome game!

  • john

    You can find a full review of The Impossible Game here:

  • AnotherTim

    Man, this game really is impossible for me. I effin’ suck…but it’s definitely something I keep wanting to come back to for more punishment.

    Good review Torbjorn.