The Horrible Vikings review

Argghh, harr, jag är från Sverige så det är väl inte så konstigt att jag testar ett spel om vikingar. Oops, accidentally wrote in Swedish, the language of the Vikings. Well not exactly but at least the Vikings originated in Sweden, and the rest of Scandinavia. To a Swede the saying “being a Viking” means that you are tough, manly and anti-cuddly. In The Horrible Vikings this is taken to a completely new level as you get to throw a bouncing Viking by means of catapult.

Eric the Stout is a bit of a fattie, and depending on where you place him on the Viking ship you affect the trajectory of your projectile. Hagar the Invincible is the projectile, and by pulling him backwards you adjust the power. Once in the air you adjust the flight, and bouncing of Hagar. The different levels have different goals to achieve but most are variations on hitting a target or picking up a set number of items. By tilting you can steer Hagar, and if you hit a ninja or other target you bounce off, and keep flying. The controls works really well, but I would really like to have the option of touch controls when steering Hagar.
The Horrible Vikings sounds like a quite ordinary casual title in the vein of Monkey Flight and Hotdog down a Hallway. Thankfully the developer has infused the game with loads of humorous dialogues, objectives and graphical details. And quite frankly that doesn’t surprise me as they are responsible for the hilarious Earth vs. Moon.

img_0070Furthermore there is a story, and a real sense of progression. As you collect money while flinging a bouncing Viking around you can buy ship upgrades, powerups and other more or less useful items to experiment with. New levels are unlocked as you complete objectives, and you can sail around on a map screen by mapping out the course for the ship. This means you can replay levels to gain money, and even explore a bit mid-air with an upgraded ship.

The presentation is really polished with cute cartoon Vikings, and a moderately helpful shopkeeper hassling you. The audio is also of high quality with funny sound effects, and adventure music in the vein of what you might hear playing a Zelda game. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects at the same time.

img_0090The Horrible Vikings is a casual game gone adventure, and it really works. You can pick it up for a quick fix just flinging Hagar for a level or two. Or sit for hours trying to get high scores to post to OpenFeint. As you can fling Hagar for as long as you want, or until you complete the level objective the game doesn’t stress you out with limited lives. The Horrible Vikings is a quality title for anyone into flinging stuff from left to right. With a hefty story mode you can get loads of hours out of this one, and funny hours as well as these are both Horrible and Hilarious Vikings. Detta är helt klart ett spel jag kan rekommendera. Oops, turned into Swedish again. Would slap myself on the head if it wasn’t for the pointy spikes of my helmet.

Final Rating


The Horrible Vikings $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Benjamin Padget

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    My grandfather claims we are direct descendants of Leif Erickson. Let’s plunder this motherloving internet brother!