The Enigma Machine Quick Review

You guess words, but it’s still pretty cool. Honest.

That’s right, it’s pretty much Mastermind for words instead of colors. You can choose between 3-5 letters for the codeword, and you have as many turns as you need to guess it. The typewriter (which feels awesome btw) will tell you how many letters are correct in the last word you guessed, and you can view previous words and color the letters keys to help you keep track of things. You can also click on letters in the list of words you’ve played to mark patterns, which is quite helpful.

Awww... "Homos" is a word!

Awww... "Homos" is a word!

Presentation & Graphics

Good animation, and a nice old fashioned feel to the game. Gives off a fantastic typewriter feel when you’re tapping away to spell words.


Excellent typewriter sounds give a nice old-timey feel to this game.

Very basic, but challenging. Definitely for the thinkers out there. Not much variety though if you’re looking for something intuitive or different. Nice touch with being able to circle/cross out letter of used words.


10,000 different code words is a ton. However there’s definitely more that could have been done with this game. Maybe a “multiplayer” that allows a friend to choose the mystery word? A leader board with scores based on how many words it takes to guess combined with a timer? I nice “filler” game, but not one you’ll be sitting down and playing for a while.

Game Rating

For what it is, The Enigma Machine is a polished and classy version of the classic password/color guessing games from the good ol’ days. It’s definitely for someone who has a good head on their shoulders (so not Dave), and has the ability to concentrate on what they’re doing (also not Dave.) At $1.99 I think it’s a fair price despite not having a lot of different gameplay elements. It’s certainly quality if you’re into word games!

Oh, and it’s not for Dave.

Cuz he’s dumb.

The Enigma Machine – $1.99

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  • Marc

    Very cool, wife loves it. She’s smarter than I am (or more patient).

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Marc

    Sorry to double post, just wanted to mention that they have a free lite version.