The Creeps Review

I am sure that everyone reading is acquainted with the story of the boy who cried tower defense. Of the countless ill-begotten recommendations, only a few of the tower defense titles recommended by the boy were actually good games. This time the boy is telling the villagers about the creeps, and I have a hunch that they should listen.

The Creeps is another tower defense game on the iPhone that manages to distinguish itself in a sea of monotony. Tower defense games require the player to create defensive structures to fire at enemies that often run in a straight line with the goal of destroying the player’s “tower” or item of importance. After playing geo defense I was certain that no game would even approach its mastery of the tower defense genre. Despite my doubt upon entrance The Creeps manages to rest with geo defense in the pantheon of iPhone tower defense.

In the game a small child lays terrified in his bed as a horde of monsters dashes towards him. Fortunately, laser towers, explosive boomerangs, and giant bottles of glue have come to his aid. It is the player’s job to create the necessary defenses to ensure that the young one lives to see another day. The weapons in The Creeps are not terribly original, but their looks and feel mesh well with the cartoony environments and the theme of the game as a whole.

Door Buster mode is my favorite

Door Buster mode is my favorite

From the get go, players can choose from three different modes. In survival mode one can defend against a set number of waves or in endurance mode one can defend against an infinite number of waves. My favorite and the most original mode is Door Buster, in which the player attempts to destroy the very door from which the monsters enter the environment. Door Buster utilizes some of the more interesting aspects of The Creeps, and presents quite the challenge.

The Creeps does things uncommon to tower defense. For instance: one must destroy elements of the environment (rocks, trees, etc.) in order to clear up room for placing more defenses and to earn a little extra cash. Certain items found in the environment can be interacted with, and are often helpful in the destruction of the large boss characters that show up every so often. Players can designate exactly what enemy/object they would like their weapons to fire upon, and any weapon within range will automatically comply. This may sound hectic but designating targets and upgrading defenses can all be done from the safety of pause mode. The inclusion of the ability to work while paused made the other features in The Creeps much more accessible.

Some games simply grow on you. I found that the cheery nature of The Creeps drew me in quite rapidly and it is now one of my go to games during the day. I even passed the game along to some non-gamers and to my delight they picked up the concept within the first minute or so of playing. Tower defense junkies and fans of spending money wisely should enjoy the creeps.

Graphics and Presentationtcreeps3


The Creeps has a great menu system, and the cartoon style graphics pop out of the screen. I wish that the developer had drawn new sprites for the boss monsters instead of just stretching out the sprites for the bosses’ smaller counterparts.



While there is itunes support, the existing sounds in game are nothing to write home about.



The familiar formula for the most part, placing defenses while paused is a huge bonus.



Leaderboards are appreciated, and the game’s modes have enough variety to keep the player interested for quite some time.

Final Score


Go get this game.

App store link: The Creeps- $0.99 (currently on sale)

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  • Jay

    I have it and it’s my second fave TD game

  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    Just curious, is your first favorite GeoDefense like myself?

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Pretty Good Game


    my third fav.

  • ant

    this is 1 of my fav td games too, and also my first is geodefence

  • $Justin$

    This game is good. It’s my third favorite TD game.

    1. Star Defence

    2. Fieldrunners

    3. Creeps