The Blocks Cometh review

The Blocks Cometh, and they are cometh for you! It is not clear why these huge blocks keeps raining down, or why you have to ascend them. But you do, and you will try to do the very best you can. Keep jumping, and climbing before the inevitable death squished like a bug between slabs of metal.

This is one of those games that can grab you, and refuse to let go for quite some time. A vertical Canabalt is the feeling I get. The mechanics is not far from that found in the Incident, but the pace and urgency is more intense as death is non negotiable in The Blocks Cometh. Getting stuck once is enough for the dreaded game over sign. Falling off down into oblivion also spells instant death. img_3386A game can be over in seconds if bad timing makes a move on you.

The controls in the game was quite off in the first version hitting the App Store. I have been awaiting an update for the controls to get more responsive, and better placed on the screen. There are two control schemes available: touch and tilt. To me the tilt controls are too slow, and imprecise for the twitch gameplay at hand. The touch controls are limited to a left and a right arrow for movement. A jump button, and an attack button are available for both the tilt, and touch scheme. The movement controls of our ascending hero is excellent, and responsive. You can make some really cool moves grinding down a block, and double jumping across to another set of blocks. The attack button lets you remove blocks, and blast your way out of trouble.

There isn’t more to the game than simply trying to get as high as possible. A few unlockables characters, and achievements help the game quite a lot. Both Game Center and OpenFeint have been integrated for online functionality. In the end it is all about getting hooked to the gameplay formula. img_3358It is as addictive as Canabalt, but unlike running games you have more control over your destiny in The Blocks Cometh.

Cool retro graphics, and a truly awesome 8-bit soundtrack make the game enjoyable for all senses. The pixel art characters are well animated, and so is everything going on in the background. There are some crossover characters from The League of Evil.

The Blocks Cometh might be limited to a single game mode, but it comes packed with excellent gameplay worthy of that one more go over and over again. Definitely recommended for the hardcore gamer looking for a casual game.

Final Rating


The Blocks Cometh $1.99
Version: 1.01
Seller: Melvin Samuel

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