The Blacksmith review

Alex Malloy is a hunted man in every sense of the word. Agents from the WolfPack chases him down the streets. To his help Alex has a knack for building weapons on the go, a wicked stamina and streets littered with building material. Based upon the Blacksmith comic this is a casual action game set in a comic graphic style.

To control Alex you tilt your device. There is only left, and right movement to keep in mind. Alex runs at full speed at all times, and only slows down if stuck on a building. img_3759As he picks up gears a build menu shows at the left, and you can tap available items to build them. A fire button at the lower right corner lets you fire your equipped gun or other means of stopping the agents in pursuit.

Being able to choose what item to build gives the game quite a lot of room for personal strategy. I usually focus on keeping the basic gun loaded, and a bullet-proof vest equipped. To maximize the amount of gears picked up you can wait to kill the pursuers until they are really close. This gives you more time to pick up stuff.

Dying is a part of the game, and enemies shoot at you, kick you and throw grenades at you. Cars run you down, but can also be used to kill the enemies. Cars travel down set lanes, and as enemies stay behind you it is easy to walk behind a car when it has passed to force your enemies into its path.

The Blacksmith is a high score game that lacks any kind of online leaderboards. This is a huge flaw, and quite frankly diminishes the interest significantly. There is unlockable artwork to unlock by beating a set number of waves. If you aren`t familiar with the comic these are of extremely low interest.

The presentation is cool, as the Blacksmith comic is well drawn and interesting. The graphics reminds me a lot that found in the original Grand Theft Auto. img_3758Top down simplified view of a city. Nothing special, but functional for the concept. The music is repetitive electronica with a stressful pace. Sound effects are limited to the odd gun firing, and I would have liked some kind of one-liners from our hero or pursuers.

The Blacksmith can be quite addictive at first, but as it dawned on me that there is no online high score tracking at all it all got quite tedious. There is one local high score recorded that is visible at the game over screen. The lack of achievements also limits any kind of long term appeal. For fans of the comic, and other comics published by Kickstart Production it is worth getting, but for us others it is just another quick casual action fix.

Final Rating


The Blacksmith $0.99
Version: 1.o.1
Seller: Kickstart Productions

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