The Big Indie Pitch: we want more

Did we get your card?

Together with SEGA and Pocketgamer, TouchGen had the honor to see some of the finest indie developers stop by at our table during The Big Indie Pitch at Gamescom 2013. The level of quality was extraordinary and there´s a huge amount of games that still stick in my mind. During these speed dates, I´ve picked up your cards and now the reflecting begins. But hey, why ponder the past when we can highlight the great indie games of the future?

Createrria: game within a game within a game

Here´s what we´ll do: throughout the next weeks we highlight one developer from The Big Indie Pitch per week, in order to get to know them and the game they are most proud of. This way, developers get a chance to shine just a little longer, whilst you get a glimpse of the mobile gaming industry. What is it like to be a small developing team in such a competitive industry? How do you promote your game? What happens next? Well, getting an honest review on TouchGen brings you one step closer to fame. Glad you pitched to us?

Touch of Death: Zen and the art of swiping someone to death

We´ll need to sort out a special list of those games that are actually available / playable, as you may understand. However, we´re very open to test versions or a version for Android if your application in the App Store is taking some time. Our aim is to provide feedback to you and valuable insights to our readers or aspiring developers. We´ll contact developers from next week onward, but if you are reading this before Monday and want to get in, drop us a line at reviews (at)

Omicrom: solid game mechanics

Please understand that we cannot take every request to review your game, which is why we will focus mostly on finished iOS releases. If you´d like to keep us informed about the progress of your game, feel free to include me or any of our writers on your press list, using our names followed (at)

Looking forward to reviewing your game!


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