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The Amazing Race is one of those shows that lets you dream away, and imagine yourself travelling the world. I am a big fan, and has been since it all started some seventeen seasons ago. I am afraid of heights, crowded markets and making a fool out of myself. My wife is afraid of spiders, snakes, the dark and weird food. We would not make it very far in the real Amazing Race. Now we get to play the game on our iPhones instead without having outbursts, or breakdowns. Sadly the game is broken instead.

img_1909The Amazing Race for iPhone is structured like the show. You select a couple to be your avatars in the game. Sadly there is no likeness to the real couples from the show. My favourite team ever consists of a generic couple instead of the brilliant winners: the hippies. Next up you have to select the number of legs to travel.

The game is divided into a number of minigames interspersed with the host telling you about the next leg of the race, and some pictures showing the locations. Route info is the part where you have to select the quickest cab or plane depending on your available money. This is a quick, and simple mini game that you most often win if you have enough money. I like that Ludia has included money as a resource because the real show has more or less removed it during the last seasons.

img_1910Next up you get a detour where you can select one of two different tasks. Minigames based on the location are a bit hit n miss. There are only 16 types of minigames, and some are repeated for different cities. Most can be easily understood, and are not far from those found in different brain training games.  All of them can be finished in a couple of minutes. After that you get a roadblock minigames, and then you travel to the pitstop for the leg.

As you can’t see, or affect the opponents there is little excitement playing the Amazing Race. There is no multiplayer aspect either, and this is a real miss. At least pass n play could have been implemented. Now you only get to play the either stupid, or stupendously hard AI. As you can’t see them perform it feels random.

img_1911The presentation is a bit slapdash to be honest. There is little likeness to the host Phil Keoghan, and it baffles me why not real footage was used. Graphics are generally jagged, and unpolished. The music from the show is great, but most of the time there is a silent wait for the next segment to start. Voiceovers from the show host is used, and those are the only real things in the game.

The entire game feels unpolished, and made as a quick cash-in on the popular show. I am a huge fan, and I had to force myself to complete a long race once. If you are a fan of the show you will only get disappointed. If you are not a fan of the show this game will make you steer clear of the show completely. In the end I can not recommend this game to anyone at all.

Final Rating


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Version: 1.0.0
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