The Adventures of Tom TAPper review

Inane, ludicrous, simplistic and absolutely amazing at the same time. The Adventures of Tom TAPper definitely proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or a game by its graphics. When I first started the game to just try it out I ended up playing it to the end right away. This is not a long game with only 30 or so micro-levels taking between 5 to 15 seconds to finish. It still manages to capture me, and hold my interest much in the same way Warioware does with its nano games.

tt1In TAoTT you control Tom TAPper tapping or holding the screen. Each level only has one control mechanic. For example you have to hold to charge a jump on some levels, and on others you hold to stand still while a trap flies by. You only get a millisecond to figure out what you are supposed to do for each level, and this is the really exciting aspect of the game. Some levels that involve tapping ferociously to run might be lost if you are too slow to get it.

The score is based on how many times you tap the screen, and death of course resets the level and thus means more taps. A perfect way to keep you on your toes, and really keep the high score in focus. As with all good games these days TAoTT comes with Game Center integration. Some levels also require a mean sense of timing jumping between moving platforms. This is where the score increases, and in TAoTT that is not a good thing. There is also a boss battle performed with a single tap.

tt2The presentation is based on large pixels, and Tom is nothing more than a number of colour blocks. There aren’t many animations to Tom, but you still get the sense of movement and urgency when running. I really enjoy the simple, clean backgrounds and lack of details as it lets me focus solely on the gameplay at hand. The music is old school chiptune adventure music that suits the game perfectly.

The Adventures of Tom TAPper took me by surprise, and I am really impressed with the quick one tap gameplay mechanic. It is the kind of game more or less impossible to put down once you have started playing it. I just wish for more levels right away, and perhaps some kind of simple level editor to allow users to create their own hellish traps. This is one of those games you really need to get for the sheer fun of it.

Final Rating


The Adventures of Tom TAPper $0.99
Version: 1.oo
Seller: Timothy Nedvyga

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