teh internets – When Memes Attack review

Ok there are some wacky games out there, and when wacky is combined with a lot of humor it becomes quite enjoyable. teh internets – When Memes Attack is such a game.
You fly around in a ROFL-helicopter(roflcopter), and you have to pick up kittens avoid spam, and blast flaming trolls. It is a combination of a side scrolling avoid em’ up, and shoot em’ up in a representation of teh internets.
img_0862Using a really flimsy analogue stick on the left side of the screen controls the roflcopter. Most games I would have scolded for not being precise enough but in teh internets the loose controls fits the theme, as really we have no control over teh internets. You blast trolls by tapping them to send missiles flying from the roflcopter. Would have been nice to have a roflcopter back in the time of the Dragon Hunter review:) The further you progress the higher the speed, and the obstacles and enemies increase in number. You got a limited number of roflcopters, and then you reach epic fail.  Of course it becomes quite impossible, and that is the point of teh internets. You can’t beat the spam or get rid of all flaming trolls in the real internets either.

The graphics are perfect for the game with some really cool ways to graphically represent our everyday internets life. The developer has really managed to cram the game full of nice details, and yet it never feels pretentious. The main menu screen shows you how much time you have wasted playing teh internets, which is really something most of us should have stuck to our browser in real life.

img_0863The music is cool laid back techno music that takes a back seat to the sound effects of kittens being picked up, and trolls being bombarded. You can play your own music as well if you prefer to.
OpenFeint is strongly integrated into teh internets with 23 achievements and no less than nine different leaderboards. As teh internets is a high score game without any game progression this level of integration is needed to give it gamelife. The basic formula gets old after a couple of times, but then I feel I have had 2 bucks of fun. I hope the developer inserts a story mode or perhaps includes popups with questionnaires or diagnostics about your iPhone/computer. There are lots of ways to evolve teh internets, and I would love a sequel. And how can there not be a sequel when Microsoft brings sequels to their operating systems as often as I change my earphones.

I have had really fun with teh internets – When Memes Attack, and can fully recommend it to everyone considering themselves to have the powers of humor and self-distance. And if you are a flaming troll you might get some therapy by blasting yourself.

Final Rating


teh internets – When Memes Attack $0.99 Holiday Sale until 2010 is here.
Version: 1.0
Seller: Micah Lee

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  • kyl

    i’m sorry, but if it doesn’t feel pretentious — then it doesn’t adequately capture the true spirit of teh internets, or the memes it produces for us.


    did not understand that comment at all!!!

  • Nigel

    Jah rastafari…..