Taxi Jam Review

I can’t think of a more influential game on the app store than Flight Control. Ever since that game came out, out spun off what seems like thousands of clones trying to cash in on the amazingly fun and ridiculously simple game. Most of these clones seemed to range from utter crap to complete rip-off, however there have been a few exceptions, like Taxi Jam. Taxi Jam seems to have taken the flight control concept and moved it up to the next level.

The game board is a few streets representative of a city. You start out with New York, and you unlock London and Paris as you progress. In the lower left corner you have a taxi cab station. A little person will show up somewhere on the board with a timer. You need to drag your finger from the cab station, along the streets, to the person who needs a ride. Be quick, as the timer runs out you get fewer points for the ride. After picking them up you then draw a line to the drop off zone.

272849_5You can call out as many cabs as you like, but be careful, when your taxis are traveling around they can crash into each other. This means you have to use a lot of strategy to make you can can get the cab where you want it to go without crashing into other cabs. As if this isn’t enough every now and then you will hear a siren and see a red line where an emergency vehicle is going to come. Get in the way and you’ll get in another wreck.

The goal is to get the highest score possible. If enough of your passengers timer’s run out or get into too many accidents and the game is over. If you do well enough you can unlock new levels and post your scores on the global leaderboard.

The Good

The graphics are sharp, following in the flight control style, but more detailed. The sounds are great, and the gameplay is frantic and fun. Taxi Jam also seems to be harder overall than flight control, so those looking for more of a challenge will love this game. The gameplay is also different enough that you can have both games and get a very unique experience. I’m glad that I own both.

The Bad

Like Flight Control the gameplay is somewhat repetitive so keep that in mind. Taxi Jam thrown in different cities for variety, but after unlocking those you won’t see anything new. Some may find Taxi Jam to get to difficult too quickly, but overall I think it works great.

The Bottom Line

272849_2If you love Flight Control, you will love Taxi Jam. Even if you don’t love flight control, you wil probably still love Taxi Jam. It does build on the genre rather than simply copying it. Taxi Jam is a must have for your iPhone game collection.

Presentation & Graphics
Taxi Jam sports very good graphics there just isn’t a lot of variety.

The game music is good and funky, but can get repetitive. No option for 3.0 music selection :(

The creators of Taxi Jam have created a very fun, very addictive game. One that can stand toe to toe with such classics as Tetris.

Because of the gameplay, it’s a game you can keep on coming back to, but doesn’t offer any real incentive to keep coming back except global leaderboards.

Game Rating
Like many games before it, Taxi Jam has taken a simple idea and made into a supremely addictive game. You won’t regret it if you decide to pick this one up.

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  • Dan

    I’ve been enjoying this game along with flight control and harbor master. I think 33rd division will be the last line drawing game I buy though.

    Back on topic, I like how I’m the controller of how frantic the game is.


    seems very good.