Tap Tap Dance Review

Review by Dave LeClair

Alright so a couple months ago I did a review of Tap Tap Revenge, which is a free game that offers a ridiculous amount of songs built in and a ton more that can be downloaded. They followed that up with a Nine Inch Nails pack which was the first one they charged for. So, now they are back with their second charging venture, the question is, do the numerous updates make it worth the cost, or should you just stick with the free one. Read on to find out all the funky details.

I’m not going to bore you all with the bloody details of how Tap Tap plays because I’ve already reviewed Tap Tap Revenge. It’s a rhythm game, and you tap the notes in time with the song. There you go, game described.

I know what you all care about is the changes they have made to the new one, and rather or not it is worth it for you to go out and spend your hard earned dollars on it. They definitely made some big changes to the core game play that make the game a lot more fun and challenging. The major two being the addition of hold notes and multi-tap double and triple notes. The additions make it feel a lot more like your fingers are actually dancing on the screen rather than just tapping some circles in time with a song. For anyone who has ever played Step Mania, (a free Dance Dance Revolution clone that is played on the computer,) you will understand how much fun it can be dance with your fingers. These aditions improve the fun of the game a lot, and they make it a much more enjoyable experience overall.

They have also upped the visuals on the game from the last one. With the new animations, it’s a lot easier to tell when you are actually hitting a note. In the last game I found myself wondering rather or not I was actually hitting the notes, but that’s a thing of the past because now it’s very easy to tell. Besides the improved animations the game just looks a lot better. Everything from the note tracks, to the menus looks awesome. It’s just a pretty looking game that’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Another great addition is a progressive career type mode. Instead of just playing all the songs on day 1, you have to make your way through the game from start to finish and unlock the songs, kind of like the way the career in Guitar Hero works, so it gives you more incentive to play the game, rather than just playing it to play it.

It’s not all puppy dogs and lollipops here though. There are some things about this new game that kind of left me scratching my head about. Starting off with the online multi player. The free game has it, where is it in the game we have to actually pay for? It’s kind of confusing why it wouldn’t be included from day one. I’m sure they will throw it in later for an update, but I’m not writing this based on what they will most likely do later, I’m reviewing what I actually played. There also isn’t a way in there to download new content which again seems like a step backwards for the game considering the free version offered more DLC than you could shake a stick at.

In the end the game is awesome, and if you are into music games at all than it is an absolute must buy. If you aren’t into music games I would suggest download Tap Tap Revenge for free and if that floats your boat, and you want some nice visuals and some more well known techno artists then buy it. If that stuff doesn’t interest you than just stick with the free one because while there is a really great game here, for every step forward there seems to also be a step backward.

Presentation & Graphics

The game looks great, the new animations and menus are awesome. Overall, there’s not much that could be done to improve the look of the game. Sometimes the crazy brightness can be a little too much on the eyes but that’s about it.


Features great techno music by some big names like Moby and Daft Punk and the quality of audio is top notch.


The gameplay is like Tap Tap Revenge except better, do I need to say more?

Game life:

There’s a good amount of songs in the game, and there’s a nice progression of unlocking songs now rather than just having them all available to you from the start, but with the lack of downloadable songs the game life just isn’t great.

Game rating:

Final word:
Man, I really wanted to give this game a 5, but for every great improvement they made they just left off a great feature from the last game, so I guess in the end they cancel each other out and that’s why I’m giving this game the exact same score as the last game. (Which according to our old review system was a 9, and is now a 4.5)

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