Tap n Slide Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Looking for a quick amusing distraction to test your reflexes? Tap n Slide may very well be your answer. It’s not deep at all, and there’s not much to it, but it can definitely be a fun experience for a short time.

Tap n Slide is very simple. Much like Warioware, you are required to read the the instructions and quickly do whatever the game tells you to do continually are you fail something, and the game ends. Unlike Warioware,

1 of only 7 things to do. I really wish there was more!

1 of only 7 things to do. I really wish there was more!

there is very little in this game to do. You can tap, double tipe, swipe a circle, or swipe up, down, left, or right. That’s it. I suppose that’s all the title really suggests, but it causes this game to lose it’s appeal quickly, and turns it into one of those novelty games that won’t be played very often.

Presentation & Graphics

There is practically no animation at all, but it still has a fairly polished feel to it. The graphics have a clean feel, even if they are simple, and kinda get old after a bit.


Music is fast and seems to get a but more intense as you progress. Unfortunately though, there is just one song, and two sound effects (one for failing and one for passing).


As I mentioned above, the game pretty much is what it is. Gameplay is very straightforward, and has no variety other than the actions being randomized. Unfortunately, both myself, and my wife, had issues where we would swipe but it wouldn’t register, and we would fail the game.

Game life:

This game has almost no replay value. You can’t unlock new challenges. There aren’t any different modes. There is a local high score list, and that’s it. I was REALLY hoping to pleasantly surprised by this game, as the core gameplay is a fun idea for the iPhone. There’s simply not enough to do.

Game rating:

Final word:

Tap n Slide is game that does what it tells you it does. You can tap and slide. The problem with this, is that it’s not enough to hold your attention for longer than a few tries. In fact, it kinda feels like a glossed up reflex tester… which is something that’s available for free on the App Store. However, it’s only 99 cents, and it’s not a bad little game to pass around to friends at a party. Just don’t plan on them staying interested for too long.

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  • John Smith

    I totally disagree. This game is 5/5.

    What your saying about the game life is total rubbish and cannot be expected out of a reaction game. This game is like bop-it, and is just as much fun.

    Also with the sound what more would you like? There are plenty enough sounds for what the games needs.

    Regarding the gameplay i have had no issues with the game not knowing what move i just did etc.

    And what you said about the graphics again is totally wrong. The graphics are amazing, and clearly a lot of money and time went into making this game have a clean feel about it.

    Well done to the developers. Love the game.