Take It Easy review

Counting points, and planning lines can be fun, really fun.

With a plethora of modes Take It Easy is not light on content. The first mode is the classic mode that at heart is a lot like solitaire mixed with some Carcassone. The pieces are random, and you have to maximise the score on a single board. There is no swapping of pieces, and thus every move counts. The aim is to reach a high score, and it is easy to get hooked. As there is not time limit to contend with you can ponder your next move without hurrying.
The puzzle mode is all about getting a higher score than the target score. Unlike the classic mode you start with a full board in puzzle mode. Swapping places between pieces to form scoring lines is at first easy. When you have to get both horizontal, and diagonal lines it starts to become quite hard. Once the target score is reached the puzzle is over, and you can get on with the next one. A total of 100 puzzles are available at launch.

The third mode is called progressive, and is timed to make matters worse. There are 30 of these quite hard, and faster paced puzzles.

Personally I am a sucker for the classic mode, as the lack of timer and pressure makes it perfect to unwind with. Much like playing a game of solitaire it eases the mind. My wife on the other hand loves the progressive mode, and has beaten me quite hard. Thankfully she hasn’t delved into the multiplayer yet, as that would really have me in a tight spot.

There are two multiplayer modes in Take It Easy: local, and online. The local multiplayer allow two people to play a versus game on the same iPhone or iPod, and up to four on the same iPad. You can choose to play with or without timer. Other than that there is not much interaction between players, as you just try to maximize score using the same set of pieces. The same gameplay is found online as well. To me it is fun to play with friends, but by no means necessary as there is not that much actual competition in the game.

Take It Easy is a polished game from Ravensburger, and I like the use of bright colours. There are some cool effects when making lines, but other than that this is a board game not really in need of effects to be played.

Take It Easy is a fun board puzzle game with a lot of content, and great presentation. From casual to quite hardcore depending on the mode you play it offers something for everyone.

Final Rating


Take It Easy $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Ravensburger Digital GmbH

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