t-JAYS Four review

I am having a hard time getting to grips with how Swedish Jays has managed to cram so much sound into such a tiny earphone. The T-JAYS have been around for three generations, and have gathered quite a lot of positive press reactions. Now the Four brings a three-button microphone that makes it a perfect companion for the iPad/iPhone and Mac.

tjays_four_cut_view_lowThe housing of the T-JAYS Four is angled away from the earphone, and flat. This means that it can rest inside the outer ear giving it an extremely small profile. When out running or riding a bike there is virtually no wind being caught at all making it a real pleasure to use when working out. The design also means that the earphone is held in place both by the in-ear design, and the grip against the outer ear. I found this to be a brilliant way to keep it in place without relying solely on the grip of the earbuds that too many earphones do. Another really cool aspect of the design is that it prevents sweat, and rain to get into the ear by blocking the outer ear really well.

It is all about the features the official Jays page blurbs about this product, and that is really true. The design for example allows the T-JAYS to be worn upside down as well making them even better for exercising, as it allows the cord to go around the back of the ear. For ordinary use I prefer the cord to emerge downwards though. This does have another benefit, and that is that the microphone can be moved from the right ear, to the left. This can be beneficial to those who are out running alongside a trafficked road, and want to be able to still make a call with the microphone away from the traffic.

tjays_four_earphones_remote_phone_black_lowThe cord is another aspect that has been designed for multipurpose usage. It is dividable into a main 60 centimetre piece, and a longer 70 centimetre extension. For those who want to wear the iPhone, or iPod in a pocket or armband it is great to be able to shorten the cable. One thing worth noting though is that the connector is thicker if you use the shorter cable. I could not use the shortened cable with my Mophie Juicepack Plus, as it didn’t fit. The connector found on the extension is thinner, and works with all cases I have in my library. I kind of miss the flat cord used for the A-Jays, but the round cord for the T-JAYS has the same minimal noise transfer exterior. There is almost no noise transferred when the cord bounces about, which also makes it ideal for running.

The microphone is the same three button remote used for the A-Jays, and it is one of the best and sturdiest design available. The buttons are easy to find, and operate. The sound is clear, and I have not had any issues with the receiver hearing me even when talking on my bike speeding across my hometown.

Passive noise isolation is also really good in the T-JAYS almost rivalling that provided by the B&W C5. Combined with the low profile not affected by wind it makes for a quite isolated listening experience.

tFinally we have the sound, which is where I started this review. The bass is strong, but not overpowered. The entire spectrum is well represented from highs to lows. Where it might lack some is in the details, and dispersion of the sound. The sound image is really tight giving the impression of a small intimate concert in my living room, rather than on stage. Not audiophile material, but they shouldn’t be at the price, and size. Still highly impressive, and especially that the bass shines in such a small housing. Having a bass port at the back of the earphones does this.

Finally I have to mention that besides getting a really cool plastic packaging that takes some patience to get into, you get all the extras expected. A cable clip, a travel case and three extra pairs of eartips. I really like the cool aesthetic of the packaging, and the T-JAYS Four. It comes together as one coherent contemporary product.

tjays_four_packaging_front_and_back_lowThe T-JAYS Four opens the New Year in gear perfectly, and I really hope the competitors take notice. They are by far the most comfortable in-ear headphones I have ever tried, and they can be worn for hours without any need to be adjusted. The amount of clever details, functional design and groovy sound makes the T-JAYS Four a perfect buy.

Final Rating


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  • DAN!

    I’m surprised to find this massively positive review is about the only review on the internet :L

  • reader

    Have you tried out the sound with the Jays Curves app? It’s supposed to make the sound almost perfect