Symbol6 Review

Is Symbol6 another of the thousands of  ”Unique Puzzle Games” or does it truly stand out from the crowd?

The game board is a big hexagon, with 6 hexagonal tiles. Each of the tiles is a different color with an associated symbol (especially useful if you are color blind). When the game starts a different tile will float in from the edge of the screen toward one of your existing tiles. Your job then is to replace the tile it is heading toward with the tile that matches it. If you have time you can even toss the tile in the direction of the moving tile to speed things up. As you move on the tiles move faster and come more often making it more difficult. Also every now and then a red bomb tile will head toward your hexagon. To thwart it you need to tilt your phone and let it hit the spikes. Each time a tile does not match you lose life. When you run out of life your game is over.

839677_2The escalation is well done. I don’t feel like it moves too fast or too slow, which can kill these types of games. In game it is easy to get immersed in the play, and get caught up matching up the tiles.

Moving tiles around doesnt feel right.. I want it to snap into place when I get closebut instead you need to drag the tiles to thier intended slot. I would prefer just “tossing” them into the correct direction with a flick. As it is the sliding of the tiles works, but it doesn’t feel fun.

Overal the game is well put together. The graphics are clean, but plain. The gameplay is new, but not really stupendious. I think if your looking for something new, this is a fun game you can pick up easily and have some fun.

Presentation & Graphics
The graphics are crip, but a bit boring. There should be more visual interest.

Sound is okay, nothing special. Symbol6 losses points for muting your iPod music when starting the game.

The gameplay is good, but nothing really special. It feels like it just falls short of being a really fun game.

I found myself struggling to play the game for long periods. It does have a good escalation and solid gameplay so you can come back to it often if you like it.

Game Rating
Symbol 6 is unique, but I’m not sure it’s unique enough. There are so many puzzle games in the app store you really need to do something unique in order to stand out. To me Symbol6 just feels a little better than average. But, don’t take my word for it. If you want to play the game before you buy it you can play Symbol 6 online here.

Symbol6 (.99)

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    I’m tired of puzzle games.even of there really is a unique one out there it’s really hard to find.

  • Nacho

    Ya, this is not unique enough to warrant buying with so many puzzlers out there. If your really looking for something unique, take a look at Drop7

  • Jay

    I’m gonna check out Drop7 just cuz Nacho likes it. I usually like the same games as Nacho. and I think Aurora Feint II fills my puzzle need very well

  • Jónas antonsson

    Thanks for the review! We will take a good look at the issues you’ve identified and see if we can do something about them. At the very least we’ve now got solid advice for our next title :-)

    One thing. You should indeed be able to just flick symbols towards the intended destination. No need to move them all the way over with your finger. Maybe we need to clarify this a bit within the game?

    We’ve also just released an update that adds online leader boards (most requested feature) along with a couple of other things.


  • Nacho

    I’ll try flicking again!