SwitchEasy iPhone 5/5S case reviews

Apple isn´t alone in getting more colours in the product line. SwitchEasy brings a whole slew of new vibrant cases in vibrant colors.


Updating the product line to get fresh cases despite the core product not changing form factor is key to keep ahead of the game. SwitchEasy, and other major players always makes sure to design new cases and update old ones. For the iPhone 5S it is no different, but unlike the 4S it brought something new to include in the designs: the color gold.


I don´t really understand the name used for this case, as nothing about the design has anything to do with numbers. It is a clever one-piece design that fully protects the iPhone. Made from hydro polymer it gives a more sturdy case, but still has the rubberized feel of a silicone case. It is easy to get the phone in, and out, as it is quite flexible.

There are a couple of clever design choices for the Numbers. It has integrated plugs for the charging, and headphone sockets. This is great, as it keeps dust and moisture out. It is by no means a waterproof design, but it will keep the phone safe if you are out in a drizzle. It is easy to open the plugs when you want to use your headphones or charge the phone.

The silent, and volume buttons are covered by the case. I find the buttons to be slightly less responsive than using the naked phone.

For protection the Numbers is excellent adding impact, and scratch protection. It is a rather thin case adding little bulk. Having rubberized material means that the grip is significantly improved. A screen film protector is also included to give a complete protection.

Overall this is a great case, and if I were the head of an IT-department getting a lot of iPhone 5/5S to my company this would be a perfect choice. The vibrant colors available also make it stand out, but still managed to accentuate the lines of the phone well.

Numbers at €14.99

Final Rating



Now this is a cool looking case made from thick hard plastic with metallized buttons. Especially the green, and purple versions with gold buttons stand out.

Shades is a two-piece design where you simply push the phone inside the case. The second piece is a small protector that goes into the headphone, and charging socket covering the bottom of the phone. This is an unusual design choice, and you can use Shades without this part. When you use headphones the bottom part can be flexed still holding onto the phone by the lightning connector. I found that it is really easy to misplace this bottom part, and thankfully you get an extra.

For protection the thick Shades is excellent for both impact, and scratch resistance. It does add considerable bulk, and some extra weight though. The glossy surface doesn’t add to the grip. As with all glossy surfaces it is also prone to picking up smudges, and fingerprints. Two screen film protectors are included to give a complete protection.

One thing I really enjoy is the fact that the case is slightly curved giving it an almost iPhone 3G feel. I also like how responsive the buttons are.

The Shades is a great looking case that adds some flair being slightly transparent showcasing the phone. I do really appreciate the gold, or in the case of the black version silver, buttons. Worth noting is that the gold color is a bit more lavish than the champagne gold used on the iPhone 5S.

Shades at €29.99

Final Rating



Now this might be one of the weirdest looking cases in the SwitchEasy family. Available in a slew of different color combinations it is an eye-catching design. For Halloween there is even a season special version in black with orange melt.

The core of the case is a rubberized hydro polymer case with the same properties as found in the Numbers case above. The case comes with integrated plugs for the charging, and headphone sockets giving resistance to dirt and drizzle getting in. Once you have inserted the phone in the core you slide on the melted part. This is a hard plastic material with a glossy finish.

The Melt theme is quite fun being shown both in the melted back piece, and in the rubber core as it melts slightly on the top of the screen. My wife has tried the Melt in pink with gold melt, and she has never gotten as much attention to her iPhone 5. It induces fun, and I can’t help but giggle a bit when I see it. The gold is lavish

For protection the Melt is excellent providing great impact, and scratch protection. The hard melt part can take quite a beating, and the rubber material is sturdy. To complete the protection a screen film protector has been included as well.

The Melt is a fun case that still takes protection seriously. It is definitely in the top of my list of cases if you want something that really pops.

Melt at €24.99

Final Rating




The Move is a fitness case made for running and exercising. It is not your everyday kind of case, but only for use when you use your phone as an exercise buddy.

The case itself is made from a rubberized TPU material that is integrated with the armband. You first insert the phone into the front shield that protects the screen. Then you insert the phone, and shield inside the base. Once inside the phone sits comfortably.

When you have the phone inside the Move you don’t have access to the charging socket, and the front shield has an integrated protector for the home button that limits the use of TouchId. Still once you start running you aren’t supposed to fiddle with the phone, right?

For protection when exercising the Move is excellent providing both impact, and scratch resistance. The integrated screen shield is complemented by screen films protectors. It is not water-proof, but having the charging socket covered and a plug over the headphone socket means it will withstand a drizzle. If you want to listen to music it is simple to open the plug for the headphones. For long cords it lets you wrap them around the Move with the integrated cable management.

The Move is really comfortable to wear on the arm when you run, and comes with two different sized armbands. It is easy to change, and adjust the armband and once on it doesn’t slip around.

SwitchEasy hasn’t skimped on anything when designing the Move, and it is certainly the most versatile and complete fitness armband I have seen. When you gotta move, you are well equipped with the Move.

Move at €39.99

Final Rating


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