SwitchEasy iPhone 5 cases in review

Unlike Macally, and Case-Mate SwitchEasy has a rather limited line of cases released for the iPhone 5.
Those released are almost exclusively remakes of cases found for the iPhone 4/4S. As with previous iPhones the more special cases will follow at a steady pace.


The NUDE is the thinnest case from SwitchEasy, and one of the thinnest out there period. Compared to the Barely There from Case-Mate the NUDE is definitely thinner. Compared side by side the NUDE is the anorectic model if the Barely There is just starved. For protection the NUDE is limited to the back, and sides. This is no issue though as  you get two screen films, and one back film. You also get two color-matched covers for the bottom grill including the headphones, and lightning sockets. “All but the kitchen sink” is a motto from SwitchEasy, and that is certainly true. The hard, cold exterior of the NUDE offers no extra grip. The edges are softer this time around than they were for the iPhone 4 version. It is also much easier to remove than the previous versions. Overall the NUDE is a great option if you want minimal bulk, and good protection.

NUDE at $19.99




I gave the Colors five stars for the iPhone 4/4S version. The combination of great grip, great protection and a cool design made it a real winner. Now it is back, and it is just as great as it ever was. The thin silicone is strong, and extremely well fitted to the device. I also really like the jellybean over the home button. This is a feature seldom seen, and I understand why as it has to have a sweet spot. It can’t be too soft, or too hard and SwitchEasy has found that perfect sweet spot. As added protection the case comes with  two screen films, and two connector protectors that are color coded to the case. Bright bold colors are also one thing that is central to the design, and the iPhone 5 gets no less than 14 different combinations. One of my personal favourites for sure that is a real gem.

Colors at $19.99




This had me puzzles for a few seconds, as I truly thought it was a two piece design. It definitely looks that way, as there are two different materials used. The soft rubberized material found on the middle of the case is actually fastened onto the outer harder plastic. I don’t really understand the process, but no matter how it is done it is done with precision. For protection the TONES is really good offering both enhanced grip, and good impact protection. There is only a slight extension above the screen. To counter this two screen films are included. There are also separate headphone, and lightning jacket protectors. Two of each, and of course they are color matched. Other great features of the TONES include black paint around the camera cut-out to avoid lens flare, and a protective grill in front of the speakers at the bottom. The greatest thing about the TONES is perhaps how well it tells that it houses an iPhone 5 by having the tones where there are different surfaces on the phone. The TONES is definitely a welcome addition to the SwitchEasy stables.

TONES at $24.99





This is the first speciality case for the iPhone 5 from SwitchEasy. As the name implies it comes with a lanyard. A bar across the back extends into a fastening point for the lanyard on the left side of the phone. The included lanyard works really well, and you can use any other you have lying around at home as well. As far as cases go the LANYARD is thin, almost as thin as the NUDE. It is a one-piece design with a rubber coating on the back giving extra grip. Two screen films, and two color-matched protectors for the lightning and headphone sockets are included as well. Overall this is a great way to carry your iPhone 5 at work with a set of Bluetooth headphones, or headset. Another welcome addition to the team.

LANYARD at $24.99




All the cases from SwitchEasy have remarkable functions in the buttons. This is due to having cut-outs around the buttons, and treating them as individual units. Most case manufacturers simply have thinner material over them.

Again it is worth noting that you always get extras with a SwitchEasy case, and that is at a really good price as well. It is the only major case manufacturer that gives you screen films, and connector protector kits.

With only a handfull of designs SwitchEasy still shows that less can be more with excellent design, and attention to detail.

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