SwitchEasy Flip, Monsters and Neon Galaxy S4 reviews

A glow in the dark, a monster peeking at you and a great flip cover up for review.


The Neon is a thin polycarbonate measuring just one millimetre. What sets it apart is found in the name: neon colours. This is a case that is hard to miss, as the vibrant neon screams out at you. Available in orange, green and pink it makes the S4 shine.

The case has a soft rubberized finish that adds a bit of extra grip. For protection it has the back, and sides covered. A slight lip extends around the side edges of the screen giving slight protection if you place the phone with the screen down. The bottom, and top are open giving less protection, but instead offer more of the device to be seen.

There are all the cut-outs you expect from a case from SwitchEasy. Power, and volume buttons have cut-outs, and due to the slanting sides of the S4 they can be quite fiddly to reach.

The Neon is a feather light case with cool colours that is suitable for anyone looking for edgy minimal protection.

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Neon at €19.99


Now this is something quite different. There have been quite a few different character designs from for example Case-Mate, but the Monster series from SwitchEasy steps up the integration between design and device. The camera is used as the eye of the Cyclops monster giving it an immediately amusing look. When you are the object someone is taking pictures of it is even bordering on the creepy having the monster looking at you.

Made from thick soft silicone the case adds quite a lot of bulk, but also hefty impact protection. The entire back, sides and all but the screen is covered. Having the home button covered is always risky, as it means that it is easier to accidentally press it. For the Monster this is a slight issue, but I think the tactile pattern on the home button weight up for that. It is really easy to find, and operate the button. There are cut-outs for the tactile buttons, and those are impossible to press by mistake. Actually they are quite easy to find, and I found that I never had to search for them. There is however an issue with the silicone covering the space above the screen, as it makes it harder to pull down the notifications menu.

Colour matched covers for the headphone, and charging sockets are included. There is also screen film with colour matching covering the tactile buttons. A genius idea that showcases the SwitchEasy “all but the kitchen sink” hallmark.

The Monster is definitely a fun case, and perhaps aimed at a younger audience. Given the great protection, and excellent grip I can easily see kids using this. The added bulk, and issue with the notifications being harder to access are the only negatives. If my wife had a S4 I could easily see her enjoying this, and it would probably be easier to take good images of the kids when they could focus on the funny monster.

Final Rating


Monster at €19.99


There are numerous flip cases for the Galaxy S4, and it has more or less become what is associated with the Galaxy series. Samsung has two different versions: the Flip, and the S-View with integrated sleep/wake function and a small window to let you see the time. The Flip from SwitchEasy can be found somewhere between these two when it comes to features. There is an integrated magnet allowing you to instantly wake up, or put to sleep by opening and closing. There is no window to allow you to see the time, which is a bit of a bummer. The magnet is used to keep the case shut too, and this feature works really well.

The best thing about the Flip is that it doesn’t interfere in any way with the screen. It holds onto the device by means of plastic sides along the lower sides. It is easy to slide the phone inside the case, but once in place there is no risk of it falling out.

For protection the Flip is excellent providing complete coverage when closed, and back coverage when open. As with all cases with side mounted front flaps it can be awkward to use unless you fold it behind the device.

The materials used aren’t the best leather available, as it is faux leather. This on the other hand means that you can get a really good design at an affordable price.

The Flip is a great alternative for those looking for a flip case, and I think it is leaps and bounds above the official Samsung cases.

Final Rating


Flip at €29.99


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