Sweetwater Defense Review

Many of my recent reviews have had a similar tune. One in which I mention that there are many similar games to the one I am currently reviewing, but I ultimately recommend said game. Feeling a bit like a broken record, I am here to sing that tune to you once more in the hopes that the next thing I play is a tad more original.

This game looks good zoomed out...

This game looks good zoomed out...

Tower Defense veterans have found a home on the App Store, as nearly every day a new TD surfaces for their playing pleasure. Sweetwater Defense aims to make itself known by including the ability to fast forward and rewind the game at one’s leisure. The game does pack in some interesting features, but not enough to ultimately make it stand out from the crowd of tower defense games on the App Store.

The Good

Players are in for another well-made Tower Defense game (see GeoDefense and The Creeps).

..and zoomed in.

..and zoomed in.

Sweetwater is one of the best looking Tower Defense games on the iPhone. The game runs well and the controls are bothresponsive and intuitive. One’s ability to accelerate the game is spun as unique (it is not) but is still welcome to quickly pass waves. Rewinding the game works nicely as well, and can be accomplished with a simple shake of the device. In addition, I appreciate tower defense games that throw in bosses and Sweetwater has five different sea creature bosses each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Sweetwater also allows players do designate specific targets for attack, a feature that I enjoyed previously in The Creeps.

The game has a cohesive sense of style that I grew to appreciate, and I found my experience as a whole to be fluid. Sweetwater does warrant its $1.99 pricetag, and is excellent for those who need more tower defense in their life.

The not-so good

With all of the other excellent Tower Defense games on the platform, Sweetwater simply does not do enough to stand out. The tower abilities are familiar, as are enemy types. The actual mechanics of the game have been executed at this level many times over.

I would have enjoyed destructible enviroments to allow for more creative tower placement.

Final Verdict


Sweetwater Defense is indeed a good game, but one that lacks true originality.Curious players can check out the lite version, and those looking to purchase can make the $1.99 investment.

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