Sway Review

Sway is freakin tough, but I just can’t put it down! This is one of those games that is suited perfectly for the iPhone. I can’t imagine it working as well on any other console out there. From the beginning menus to the end of the game, you can tell this title was built from the ground up for the iPhone, and the iPhone alone.

You start off as a cute little snake/alligator/frog character. There’s not much of a plot, aside from you needing to rescue your friends, which then unlock to be played in the main game. They are truly unique in both their looks and their abilities. My reckless abandon pulled me

I'm a fricken ninja.

I'm a fricken ninja.

to play as the ninja constantly. Ninjas are cool, and he’s so dang quick at flipping around! (go fig)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The core gameplay mechanic has you swing- er, swaying your little rag doll character as you grab onto parts of the level with either (or both) hands to propel yourself through the levels. The left side of the screen controls the green (right) hand, while the right side controls the red (left) hand. When you tap the screen, the character will grab any available wall with that hand. When you move your thumb back and forth, the character sways so you can gain momentum to go flying to the next platform.

Flipping from one platform to another is a blast, especially when you get the hang of the game. Once you start getting past the easier levels and getting into a groove, Sway throws some really tough challenges your way. So tough, that you will eventually stop feeling guilty for the amount of times your toss your little friend to their certain death. I can’t imagine how half of these levels can be completed in the gold medal time, but I’m assuming it’s possible somehow.

picture-020The goal of most of the levels is to collect a certain amount of pink stars before reaching the end. Other levels require you to collect keys to unlock a playable character when you complete it. One of the smartest aspects of the gameplay is the generous checkpoints scattered around. Without them, this game would be pure frustration at times. Hurray for smart developers!

One thing is for sure, Sway looks awesome. There’s an awesome comic book theme for the menus and interface, and the 3D is bright, crisp, and most importantly, completely smooth throughout all gameplay. The music is great, but gets old considering there is ONE song for the entire game. I don’t know why games do this, but either way you can always turn the music off if it gets annoying. There isn’t much in way of sound effects either, but everything that is there is top quality.

Physics bug + fail = dead friend. :(

Physics bug + fail = dead friend. :(

Presentation & Graphics

Crisp textures and good physics with the charm of Little Big Planet. Great comic book theme. This game is a joy to look at.


Very good audio quality, but not a good variety. Why do developers ship games with only one or two songs?


Though at times very difficult, the controls are perfect. Sometimes the physics engine isn’t your friend, but this is generally the case with most physics-based games. All around this game is a ton of fun, and is easy to pick up and play. Sometimes the touch screen won’t respond well due your fingers always being on it, greasing it up.


There may not be multiplayer or online functions, but there is a helluva lot to do in this game. After you manage to beat all the stages, you can go back and play them for higher scores to achieve better medals. Oh, and it’s freakin addicting.

Game Rating

Sway has the look and charm of Little Big Planet, and is pretty much just as fun, even though the gameplay is drastically different. It’s wonderful to see such a pretty, unique game that takes full advantage of what the iPhone offers on all fronts. Sway is $5, and worth every penny. Go get it!

Sway – $4.99

3/17/09 UPDATE:
- 10 New Levels
- new gameplay elements

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  • Nacho

    My only complaint was how short the game is, but illusion labs has promised more levels in an update!

  • iPGN-Matt

    Well it sure isn’t short if you actually try to complete all the levels. It’s insane at that point. Glad to hear new levels coming. I love when devs do that!

  • Jay

    i luv this game


    i just finished using my itunes gift card!
    how did this pass under my nose? i should have bought this.

  • iPGN-Nige

    The ninja, play as the ninja! He’s fricken awesome. The dev should produce a plush toy of that dude!

  • your personal robot

    Ninja FTW°°°

  • Nacho

    I agree the ninja is the best. After beating the game you get the wizard, who is also really cool.

  • Kazam

    Illusion Labs pwn all other devs. All their games are perfect.