Sushi to Go Review

Sudden Games showed off Sushi to Go at GDC, and we were impressed by the great art design, and simple gameplay.

I’ve been playing this game for many hours now, and it has sucked me in. Why? Because of it’s great art design and simple gameplay. Go figure.

Sushi to Go is a delivery game that puts you in the shoes- er… flippers of Tony Tortuga the seat turtle. Ironically, your job is collect coins from customers in the sea, and to deliver them sushi. Apparently, cannabalism isn’t looked down upon in the great blue world. This is accomplished very simply by collecting a colored coin, moving it to the same-colored sushi restaurant, waiting for the sushi to be made, and then delivering that colored sushi back to the same-color customer.

sushitogo1As you progress through the game, you are met with various obstacles, including sharks, starfish, and mines. When you get hit by one of these, you lose all the coins/sushi you are carrying, and move back to the last pickup/dropoff point you visited. Also, since the items you carry trail behind you, they can be eaten by shark passerbys. Early in the game, it can get really tough/frustrating since you feel rather helpless against so many obstacles. This is where upgrading comes into play.

I’ll say it first off, GET THE SHARK SUB ASAP. As you collect coins, you can spend them to upgrade your swimming diggs, carrying capacity, and some other options. If you upgrade to the wonderful shark sub, it lets YOU attack the sharks, getting a coin for each.

Upgrading your turtle is essential to beating/enjoying the game.

Upgrading your turtle is essential to beating/enjoying the game.

The game really picked up when I got this, and made it a lot more fun. There is also a wasabi power up that lets you move speedily around, which helps as well.

The idea of Sushi to Go is that you have to deliver a certain amount of sushi within the time limit for each level. You don’t have to deliver all the sushi, but if you do before the time runs out, you get bonus coins. You control your turtle via tilt or touch, with touch most likely being the preferred method, as it works extremely well.

Presentation & Graphics
Great animation and art style! Great effects and smooth animations. I would have liked to see some more varied environments though.


Timed, one-way tubes add a lot of strategy to later levels.

Timed, one-way tubes add a lot of strategy to later levels.

Great sound effects, but only one song for the entire game. I don’t understand why game developers do this. It’s not a bad song, but after 50 levels worth, it kinda becomes one.

Very fun game, especially once you start upgrading your turtle. It’s a combo between time management and arcade action. This game sucked me in to several hour long playing sessions, when I was just planning on playing a few minutes.

50 levels will give you several hours of gameplay. Not much after that, but for $1.99 it’s well worth the single run-through. You have 4 game slots too, so friends can play.

Game Rating

Sushi to Go is a fun a challenging little arcade game that will suck you in much more than you would expect. The challenging gameplay, and ability to upgrade your turtle as you progress will keep you coming back to this game. The artwork is delightful, and the game should be fun for almost any age group. With 50 levels, it will offer several hours of gameplay, and shouldn’t be missed at $1.99.

Sushi to Go – $1.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    It is an awesome game i played the lite version


    I like this game too. its not my favourite but its good.

  • Jay

    it looks ok, i wont buy it though

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Jay check out the lite version even if you wont buy it.

  • Kamblad

    Tried the lite today and enjoyed it quite a bit. Actually I don´t need to get the full version, feel content having listened to the same tune for an hour already:)