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Nikki is back, and this time she opens up shop in Tinseltown. Celebrities shop alongside the ordinary punters and senior citizens, and Nikki has to make sure to keep everyone happy. With the evil Mr. Torg planning wicked, and mischievous sabotages it takes a lot of management to get the shop profitable. Thankfully you, and your favourite finger can help her out.

One of the most popular genres on the App Store is time management games, and Supermarket Mania 2 is a highly polished sequel to an already great game. The Supermarket Mania series have all the ingredients needed to create a really great time management game.

img_0037Excellent, and simple controls. No mini games to break up the management, just tapping to get things done.

Queuing actions, and remove queued actions. This is perhaps what really separates a time management game from a reaction management game. In Supermarket Mania 2 you can queue loads of actions by tapping the different stations. The key is remembering how many restocks you have tapped on, as the cart can only carry a limited number of supplies. A large button in the lower right corner lets you take back queued actions whenever a crisis demands direct attention.

Upgrade system that matters. There are loads of upgrades to get. Starting with cheap extra shelf space to actual extra profit upgrades to the larger carts needed to dispense more supplies. There are even one time usage items that can sway a shop on the verge of an uproar. Instant cleanliness, slowed down time and cookie customer satisfaction boost can at times be better than permanent upgrades.

img_3973Challenging Expert goals. Too many time management games lean towards being too lenient, and easy. In Supermarket Mania 2 some levels will have to be replayed to get Expert score. When you replay a level you can change the latest upgrade selection, and find what best suits the situation.

The gameplay is not varied in itself, but instead the various customers introduce new events as levels progress. Thieves, mothers loosing their kids, saboteurs and delivery men all help to spice up the management. Each level starts the same way with you restocking everything, then making some croissants, milkshakes or other product that demands more than just a single tap. After that it is all about keeping shelves stocked, trolleys available to new customers and the floors clean. The gameplay experience is polished, sleek and really fun on both the iPhone and the iPad.

sm22The presentation is top notch, and I think it might actually be the best looking time management game available yet. The floor of the shop has a lustre shine to it at the start of a level, but as customers walk about it gets worn down and dirty. Shelves, and products are easy to distinguish, and look organic. All characters are well drawn, and perfectly animated. As with 99% of all time management games the story is told using a couple of drawn cartoon images, and I would really like to see these characters presented with some movies instead. Still this is a title with quality to every other aspect of the graphical presentation.

The music is not that inspiring, and I find it extremely hard to distinguish from other chirpy time management tunes. You can turn it down, and play your own music in unison with the good sound effects.

There are 48 achievements available in the game, but sadly no online functionality available beside Facebook Connect. Game Center or Openfeint would have been great additions to the game. Gamelife is really good with loads of levels spread over different locations. Just reading the numbers tells of a vast time to play: 80 levels, 200 upgrades and 34 products to sell. If you want to get Expert ratings on all levels you have at least eight hours of quality gaming ahead of yourself.

img_0039Supermarket Mania 2 is not a revolutionary game in any aspect. I have seen it all before: the cliché story, the female protagonist, the girly setting and the forgettable music. What Supermarket Mania 2 does is that it polishes everything to an almost perfect shine. It incorporates every game mechanic I think a time management game should have, and add loads of content to it. I have been enjoying it for hours on the iPad, and my wife is playing it like mad on the iPhone. No matter which device you have it is a fun, polished game experience that comes highly recommended.

Final Rating


Supermarket Mania 2HD Free + IAP $6.99 to unlock all content

Supermarket Mania 2 Free + IAP $4.99 to unlock all content
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