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Super Yum Yum 3 by Airplay UK

Being a single parent is hard, bringing up children and providing food and comfort. It is even harder when your kids get eaten by a strange big lipped fishlike creature called Ms. Tum Tum while you go boogie at the disco. Being a chameleon doesn’t really help much in those situations but in Super Yum Yum 3 this is how you get to save your kids.
Leon the chameleon is the protagonist of Super Yum Yum 3 and he has got to get his kids back. They have been scattered over the world and Leon has got to collect fruit to get further in his mission. The game is divided into one main map where you run around choosing puzzle to play. There are also scales where you have to get a certain amount of fruit to create a passage to new areas of the map.

The puzzles play as follow, Leon is a chameleon and can eat fruit of the same colour as himself, Leon turns into the colour of the stem of the fruit. Green fruit with red stem means that Leon has to be green to eat it and he turns red after eating it. There are also chillies that lets you eat any fruit. You can reach the exit of a puzzle without eating all the fruits but as you will need the fruit to weigh enough on the scales you might just as well go for them all.img_0050

This is a true puzzler, don’t be fooled by the cute graphics. There is a minigame involving a bit of timing but other than that this game is all about planning your next move, if you are able to you should try to plan at least ten moves ahead to get all the fruit. This is also the only drawback of the game as I found myself giving up and feeling stupid when I didn’t manage to get all fruit in a game that looks so cute. Not to be played when tired as you can’t win by eating the fruits randomly.
I just hope that Leon gets his act together as it is really not the best parenting going to the disco while your kids hang around alone in the trees.

Presentation & Graphics


Colourful and sharp that brims with personality. Leon is a star worth to runimg_0053 around on your screen. My wife yelled out “it all looks so happy” when she tried it, that is a hint to how cute it is giving it a cuteness factor worth five stars.



The sound effects are sparse with the odd Yum Yum from Leon when he eats fruit or manage to complete the level with all the fruit and kids. Music can be heard at the menus and while you run around looking for the next puzzle to solve. The music is happy and suits the game perfectly. I am glad that there is no music while I try to solve the puzzles, as it would probably drive me nuts. I would have loved to have my own music but sadly it fades out and you cant trick the game with the dual home button music trick.



Leon is a nut for his fruits and kids but there is not much he can really do. Just eating fruit, can that really be the foundation of a game? Yes it definitely can, Leon is a nimble mover even though he eats as much as he does. The controls works well even though at times I tend to move the camera around instead of Leon but this doesn´t effect the game as there is no time to beat you can take your time. This is puzzle at its very best.



Completing every puzzle is a real challenge in itself but getting every fruit in every puzzle might take forever, at least for me. The developer states that it has a gametime of 8-10 hours but I think you can get a whole lot more out of it. The kind of person enjoying this game will probably go for 100% completion. Definitely worth the asking price.

Game Rating

Super Yum Yum is one of the best puzzlers for the iPhone and recommended to anyone who can stomach the cuteness.

Super Yum Yum 3 $4.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    I think this will be worth the money


    this game looks yum. :) i might give it a try.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Super Yum Yum 3 on sale at 99 cents, get it now!