Super Shock Football Review

I bet you’re thinking: “Finally, an electric football video game!”

Oh you weren’t thinking that? Ok, how about: “WTF is electric football!?” Yeah that’s probably more like it. I only know about electric football because my dad owned a set… when he was 12. Original electric football had two opponents placing their players on a large football field replica. When the table was turned on, it would vibrate, causing the player pieces to scatter all over the place. So basically, it was luck if your running play worked, if you got sacked, etc etc. (For more info, check out the wikipedia article.)

In other words, back in the day electric football was hilarious to play and watch, and Super Shock Football is no different.

shockfootball-003Steamroller Studios has really outdone themselves with this game. No, it doesn’t feature a deep career mode or team customization. It doesn’t feature online or wifi multiplayer. It doesn’t feature licensed team names (which is a GOOD thing). So what does it do to make it so high on my list of recommendations?

Super Shock Football provides one of the most entertaining and solid same-console multiplayer experiences I’ve seen in any game for the iDevices. I’m not sure how they did it, but even with such a beautiful game engine, Chillingo has packed some fantastic split-screen multiplayer into this game.  II know it’s sounds crazy, but it’s true.

After choosing from some fun team names (The Pole Cats!?) and flipping a coin, the game starts just as any football game does. You and your opponent can choose from a small variety of plays, and you can also touch and drag your players to form your own. This arrangement will go through from one play to the next until you change it or choose something different. My brother and I enjoyed piling all the players into a mob in the middle, and watching them randomly slam into each other when the play starts.


2 player split-screen is AWESOME.

As mentioned above, because Super Shock is an electric football simulator so-to-speak, each play is pretty much random, which makes it totally awesome. The only skill factor involved is in arranging your players before each play, and more importantly in passing and lateraling the pig skin.  When you you tap and hold on your quarterback, the play freezes, and you can move a target over a player to pass to. This works extremely well, and feels great after just a few tries. You do the same thing when you lateral the ball to players behind you.

Lateraling the ball is generally vital to progressing down the field, as generally your receiver will randomly start running in the opposite direction after you pass it to him. This may sound frustrating, but it’s totally not. It’s hilarious, especially when playing with a friend. For a simple game on a small mobile device, Super Shock will have you both shouting and laughing as the game progresses and your players run all over the field.

Presentation & Graphics


Ok everyone, group hug!

Ok everyone, group hug!

For such a “simple” game, I was extremely impressed with the visuals. From the polished 3D graphics to the in-game play menus, Super Shock looks slick, and plays well. There will be some framerate issues occasionally, as well as some slight lag for anyone who doesn’t have a 3GS, but the phone reminds you to restart your phone when you launch it, which is nice.


Loved the sound, from the high school band-like music to the crowd reactions. Very entertaining stuff.



Brilliant local multiplayer. Simple touch controls. Hilarious gameplay. It’s a blast.


Unfortunately, there is no wifi or online multiplayer, which seems like a missed opportunity with a football game. I also would have liked to see some sort of career mode, even if it was some sort of silly story. Despite this, the single player is certainly fun, but the 2-player mode is the bread and butter of this game, and will suck in your time with a friend when you guys (hopefully) have time to kill. The addition of Feint and Facebook achievements was a nice touch.



I know this review seems about as scattered as the players in the game, but hopefully you get the main point. Super Shock Football is great fun whether you’re a fan of American Football or not. It’s well polished and looks and sounds great. However, if you get this game, you NEED to play it with a friend. If you don’t have much time, you can change the length of the quarters to fit, say, the time it takes you to get your order at your favorite restaurant. Just try not to shout to loud. ;)

Super Shock Football has been submitted to the App Store and should be released soon!

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