Super Mega Worm review

Worms are quite docile creatures, and I often feel sad as they drown on the pavement during rain. The Super Mega Worm is quite far from the frail earth worm, and if it ever drowns in something it is human and bovine blood and guts. Released as the last resort to save Earth the worm is out to kill all of us.
In Super Mega Worm you control the evil carnivorous worm emerging from the soil. It is played in classic side scrolling plat forming perspective. But instead of platforms there is soil, and a surface. On the surface humans, cows, ostriches and cops run about. You have to feed the worm by eating as much as you can otherwise your health will decrease. Soon helicopters start chasing you, and life as a worm become the life of the tiger. You live for the moment, fighting every battle as if it would be your last. Once the health runs down to zero the game is over, and the tiger is once more just a worm. And soon a part of the soil from where it came.

img_1133Two control methods are available: slider and tilt. I could not get the hang of tilt, and as my general preference is touch I stuck to those instead. The slider lets you control the worm in direction relative to the current movement. There is a gas button letting the worm accelareta beneath the surface, and above it turns into a spit button letting out phlegm blasts. The controls work quite well straight from the start. Attacking several victims in a row to make some combos is cool, and covers the surface in blood. For each level there is a set number of humans to devour before progressing to a harder level of challenge. There are 24 levels in total, and I have yet to complete it all. Much like old school arcade games Super Mega Worm forces you to start all over when the game ends. To me this is a bit of a bore, as the first levels are so slow.

The 8-bit presentation is excellent making the game a must for anyone into retro graphics, and old school chiptune music. Smoothly animated humans run with prams from the perils from beneath. The ever growing worm looks menacing even though it is only 8-bit. You can play your own music, but the 8-bit soundtrack is catchy and I really enjoyed it more than most of my own music collection.

img_1126There is a lack of content in the current version of Super Mega Worm. Replaying the game from the slow start is quite boring to me after dying in a frantic level of difficulty. There is no real variation to the gameplay even though you gain new abilities as you reach higher levels. Furthermore there are no online leaderboard or achievements yet either. Much is promised for future updates, but I can only rate the game I have in front of me. Still it is really enjoyable to chase humans, and if you want to add some more challenge you can turn on tremor mode blacking out the surface until the worm exits the soil.

I can definitely recommend Super Mega Worm to the old school gamer not bothered by restarting the game. The brilliant presentation, and music alone can be enough to warrant a great time for a lot of people. It is a good game, and with updates I think it will turn into a great game.

Final Rating


Super Mega Worm $2.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Deceased Pixel LLC
Tested on an iPhone 4.

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  • AnotherTim

    Excellent review. Loving the graphics in this one.


    The iPhone is perfect for retro/old graphics… it just works !!!