Super Juicy Review

I hope you like juice, because once this game sucks you in, you will keep coming back for more for months to come.

Super Juicy is a match three game. That said, it’s one of the most unique and fun match 3 games I’ve played on my iPhone in recent history. I’ll be honest, I think this game almost reaches Doodle Jump status in two of the most important areas of mobilo gaming: 1. ease of pick-up-and-playability, and 2. addictive gameplay. I almost feel guilty now for giving it the gay treatment on last week’s podcast. Ok yeah I do feel guilty, because this is one of the best games I’ve played this year.

It’s hard to give this game justice with screenshots, because it’s all about bubble movement, and popping said bubbles. When I first bought this game, there was only one mode of play, but after a recent juicy update (pun intended), this game is bursting (also intended) with content! The core gameplay remains the same: tap bubbles to pop them. The more bubbles you pop in a row without missing, the higher your score is for each pop. Bubbles that contain fruit are worth more points, and there additiona

Yes. Yes I am.

Yes. Yes I am.

l bubbles like bombs, clocks, and metal plates that either help you or totally screw you over and make you lose points.

As mentioned above, there are several game modes to try out. The standard Classic mode has you popping bubbles and progressing through levels as bubbles fall from the top of the screen at a constant pace. I was able to get fairly far in this, but as with most good puzzle games, new types of bubbles are thrown into the mix that require a lot more strategy. Even though this is the “normal” mode for the game, it’s still pretty damn fast-paced! This is not a game you can play while detracted! Every few levels there are little no-pressure bonuses that have you popping bubbles of fruit for extra points. These levels vary, with bubbles sometimes crossing horizontally, getting flung from the side, etc. You can choose to play only bonus levels from the menu. It’s a fun little mode that cycles through all the bonus levels from the main game.

There is an Action mode that puts you up against a time limit. You can keep the limit from running out by tapping clock bubbles, but the games still stay pretty short, making this perfect for a quick game on the go. The final mode is simply CRAZY, which is probably why it’s called Chaos mode. You start out and bubbles are streaming from the top as if someone turned the faucet on full blast. If that wasn’t bad enough, out of no where bubbles started shooting up from the bottom of the screen! It’s literally chaos as you  feebly attempt to clear the screen, and then lose. Maybe that’s just me.

The sound and graphics in Super Juicy are top notch. Bubbles bounce off each other and wiggle around very realistically. They also explode with quite satisfaction. The music in the menu is great, but it’s a shame you don’t hear any music during the game. It would have added to the intensity. Sound is key though, as you use it to denote how you are doing in a game. The more chains you pop, the higher the tone of the pop sound. If you pop 4 in a row, you are “Juicy”, but if you pop 5, you are “Super Juicy”. Thooooper!



It should be mentioned that the recent update brought in multi-touch support, which certainly can help you out if you wanna get all strategic with how you place your fingers.

I know you’re probably skeptical right now. Looking at the screen shots this just seems like any other match 3 game. I dare you to try it out. You’ll be hooked like me, and then I’ll laugh at you.



Everything about Super Juicy has been polished to a glossy finish. The bubble popping is fast and furious, especially in Chaos mode. The sound is spot-on and integrates well with the gameplay. The game is easy to pick up and play in short increments, and saves your progress well in case of phone calls. To be honest, I can’t think of one single negative aspect of the game. I’ve already put way to much time into this game than I want to admit. I think that Super Juicy may just be the Doodle Jump of match-3 games! It’s 99 cents. Go buy it.

Super Juicy – $.99

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  • Tim

    I think you should have written this in the voice of a homosexual the way you reviewed it on the podcast. Still trying to claw that out of my brain.

    And 5 stars? Wow. I will have to check this out.

  • legend

    5 stars! wow have to check this one out..

  • Jas

    Tried the lite version, and am surprised you gave it 5 stars. I’d give it 3.