Super Crate Box review

Twitch gaming that gives your neurons something to really react to is what you get when playing Super Crate Box. It is a game where survival isn’t as important as collecting crates. The enemies are there to stop you from collecting more, and your life ends without fanfare or ceremony. It is a game where a session can be over in a couple of seconds, or go on for a minute when you hit the flow. Ridden with poor collision detection, weapons that kill you as well as the enemies and controls that aren’t responsive this is a game that should warrant immediate deletion. For some reason it still hooks me completely, and I have to retry one more time even though I just suffered a horribly cheap death.

Super Crate Box is a platformer survival crate collector game where you have to collect a crate found randomly on the level. Each level is only a screen, and enemies emerge from the top. The unnamed hero with a passion for crates can jump, and shoot. The on screen buttons cover up quite a large section of the level considering how small the crates are. This is a real problem on the small iPhone screen, and at times it feels almost impossible to win when the crates are hidden beneath my thumbs.

scb2Each time you pick up a new crate you get a new weapon. Some are really good such as the powerful revolver, and others are peashooters such as the dual guns. The disc gun is lethal to you as well with bouncing discs that returns with a passion. This is the fun part about the game since every time you pick up a new random weapon you have to adjust your strategy. If you fail to adjust you will die.

The collision detection is kind of off, and always in favour of your death. This is not me being bad at the game, or a sore loser. No this is a fact. Combined with controls that are kind of too rigid not allowing for smooth simultaneous jumping and shooting makes the game harder than need be. I found it slightly easier to get the controls to work properly on the iPad due to having larger buttons. I would still like to see some tweaking of the controls in updates.

The presentation is pure retro bliss in a modern style. It reminds quite a lot of The Blocks Cometh, League of Evil and Spellunker, and that is not a bad thing at all.  The music is energetic chiptune beats that further enhance the twitchy vibe.

With Game Center and Openfeint integration full with great players getting wicked scores, and quite a few achievements the game is covered in regards to connectivity. A global crate counter on the title screen is a nifty idea, and writing this some 20.000.000 crates have been collected worldwide.

scb3It is hard not to mention Muffin Knight in this review since it is directly inspired by Super Crate Box. Personally I prefer the quicker gameplay of Super Crate Box. If you are a fan of Muffin Knight you will definately enjoy this game, and well if you aren’t Super Crate Box won’t make you more interested in the formula.

Super Crate Box is a fun game with excellent presentation, and a quick twitchy gameplay easy to get hooked on. There are some issues with the controls, and collision detection cramping the quality quite a bit. Still it is one of the most fun games you can play on your device at the moment.

Final Rating


Super Crate Box $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Vlambeer vof

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