Super Cosmic Word Snake review

Once upon a time there was a snake, and the snake created the words.

The aliens from outer space did not like did at all. A battle ensued that is still waged in deep space. The Super Cosmic Word Snake still creates the words that governs the universe, and the spaceship keeps trying to blast the words into oblivion. That is at least until there are no words left, at least not as long as oblivion.

img_0019Super Cosmic Word Snake(SCWS) is a word building game mixed with classic shooters such as Centipede and Space Invaders. In single player mode you create words using the seven letters available, and the initial start letter. The start letter is the one found at the very tail of the snake. Once you have written a word you press submit to see if it is approved. If it is you get to create a new word, and if it isn’t you can erase the last letter, or clear all. It is also possible to reshuffle the entire deck of letters. As word games go this is pretty standard, and the speed is what matters most. The snake grows with each new word.

While you create words the spaceship keeps firing at you removing letters. If all letters are gone the game is over. As the snake gets shorter the speed picks up considerably. The gameplay gets old really quickly in single player though, as this is basically just a re skinned word building game. With only one level of difficulty, and only one level that you replay again and again it lacks content. At times the dictionary used fails to recognize words that games like Screbble and Hexalex accept. The word building in SCWS is also usually limited to three to four letter words due to the at times impossible letter combinations. There are no achievements, no high score tables and no online functionality. It lacks the bare fundamentals of any word game on iOS, but the one thing it has is a rather inspired local two-player mode.

img_0030With two players one gets to create words as usual, and the other gets to control the spaceship. Controlling the spaceship is easy with a slider, and a fire button. The action itself is not what makes it fun, but rather the fact that you can trashtalk and disturb eachother. Something that is less good is the fact that at times it feels that the multitouch isn’t working properly. When the spaceship moves, and shoots simultaneously for example it gets hard for the game to register letter inputs. This is extremely annoying when you try to be quick in your word making. The game ends when the snake reaches the spaceship, or gets destroyed by the laser fire. After that you can replay, and change position. The game does not help keeping track of the score, or any stats at all. This game mode lasted longer than the single player, but after 15 minutes we felt done with it. And that is sadly a feeling that hasn’t changed. Super Cosmic Word Snake lacks basic content, and hence the lasting power is extremely limited.

The presentation is really cool with an arcade cabinet that never was as an inspiration. I truly enjoy every little detail to it. The coin slot, retro paintjob and monochrome play area. The music is a driving bass heavy homage to days of yore. You are free to play your own music, but there is really no reason to miss out on what the game has to offer. The sound effects I have yet to experience, as for some reason they won’t play on my iPad 2.

bildSuper Cosmic Word Snake lacks too much to be a contender in the word game genre. Now it is built as a one level arcade game with no memory of earlier games played. All the effort seems to have been directed towards making an extremely retro presentation, and that is where the game excels. In the end though it feels shallow, and sadly forgettable because of the too basic gameplay and lack of content. If you are looking for a word game to play against a friend on the same device it is still a decent investment, as it is more or less the only option available as of today. It is not recommended if you intend to play it by yourself.

Final Rating


Super Cosmic Word Snake $2.99 iPad Only
Version: 1.0
Seller: Jonathan Oron

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