Super Collider review

Super Collider is an avoidance arcade game where you have to be nimble as a ninja to be a contender. It is controlled by touch, and you have to make sure your anti-matter particle doesn’t make contact with any of the charged particles. While avoiding the particles you also have to collect quarks and power ups.

The power ups really affect the game, and most frequently you will encounter shields and time stopping pickups. There are also multipliers to help you reach higher scores.

img_0704There isn’t a whole lot to say about Super Collider. When you play, it is easy to become immersed and fully focused. But once you are out of anti-matter lives you will have to start from the beginning, and the immersion wears off. I would like to continue or at least start from a harder level of difficulty rather than being thrown back to the first level.

A technical shortcoming is the fact that your hand or at least finger covers parts around the anti-matter making it hard to navigate closely to the charged particles. I still really like it that the developer, Pixel Mine, went for a touch based control mechanic.

As a casual game it works quite well, but it lacks the achievements and unlockables often associated with the genre. This limits gamelife and some of the addictive flair that simple achievements might add. At $0.99 it is still worth it if you are looking for a casual game to waste some time with.

Presentation and graphics

The graphics in Super Collider are good featuring a vibrant play area with cool effects around the edges of the screen. The orbs and objects feel a bit large on the screen, and there is not much room to move about. It might be a design choice to make the objects so large to make the game feel a bit cramped.

Slowdowns do occur on my iPhone 3G, and those are unforgivable in a precision avoidance game. I have restarted my iPhone but I still get slowdowns, and often loose a life in the game because of them. Version 1.0 of Super Collider is supposed to be 3.0 tested.


Really nice music that flows with the action in a perfect unity, love it. I would probably describe it as ambient electronica that evolves into techno the faster the game gets. Sound effects are ok, and you can play your own music in conjunction with the sound effects.

Game play

Responsive touch controls that let you move around as nimbly as you can manage. The fact that your hand covers a lot of the play area is a real problem, and it makes the game hard to play. At least this is the case for me and my big fat fingers.

A really neat feature is that if you lift your finger off the screen the game pauses. This prevents you from arguing about unresponsive controls when you fail. As well as it is a great way to pause a hectic game, simply lift your finger.

img_0703Game life

Super Collider features local high scores available as well as Facebook integration to share your scores. There is nothing else to achieve or unlock. With only one game mode that you have to restart from the simple first level the game wears out quite quickly unless you get properly hooked. Would have liked either other modes or choice of difficulty levels.

Final rating

Super Collider is an avoidance game with good production values, controls and music. It is let down by lack of game modes, slowdown glitches and lack of game life. Definitely worth the asking price though as it is far from a broken game, and if you get hooked it might steal your spare time.

Super Collider $0.99

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