Super Blast review

The right accessories can really make you feel powerful, sexy and cool. Having a helmet in the same style of cool Star Wars bountyhunter Boba Fett can make any pudgy robot feel good. In Super Blast you get to play around with just such a robot shooting the crap out of alien monsters in space.

Super Blast is an ordinary tilt controlled shooter in portrait mode. The controls are tight, and tapping the screen sets off a massive explosion clearing the screen. img_1299There is no sideways limitation to movement, and as you go to the left you emerge from the right. This takes some getting used to.

The game ends whenever a monster manages to pass you. Super Blast is a bare bones high score game. As you can string up combos using bombs you can affect the score by playing well. It isn’t just about surviving, but about surviving with style. Openfeint integration for scores, and achievements works well.
The selling point for Super Blast is the excellent presentation. Graphics are crisp and clear. Enemies look cool, and the Boba Fett helmet has a cool shine to it. Explosions, and the different weapons fire with authority. The music is tense sci fi that suits the game perfectly. Sound effects are crunchy, and there are some cool shouts as you blast away.

As with all high score games the gamelife is all depending on you getting hooked. img_1298To me the lack of touch controls limits the game somewhat. It is still playable in all positions as you only move sideways. The excellent presentation is the biggest reward though, and at a buck it is definitely a worthy addition to the short break style game genre.

Final Rating


Super Blast $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Phantom Entertainment UG
Tested on an iPhone 4.

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