Super Action Hero review

Can you name any super action heroes?

Heroes are rare individuals who have risen to the occasion, and prevailed against all odds. Sometimes the heroes die while they perform their deed, such as the runner giving the name to the Marathon. At other times they live on to tell their tales, and gain a following not possible for the ordinary mortal man. These can be heroes of war, but also heroes of sports, acting or other activates granting them the hero status. I mean if the Metallica squad would come walking by work I would probably go into an “I am not worthy” routine. Others regard the returning Olympic gold winners as heroes, and in cases they are if they have beaten the odds or their own demons.

Now a super hero is badass, and you can’t mess about with someone like Superman, Spiderman or Batman. They will mess you up badly no matter how much weight you lift, or how fast you run. It is the nature of the super moniker to be righteously super. We don’t get many super heroes in real life, and if we did they would be secret.

An action hero is also a near mythical creature that usually lives on the big screen. Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have all played the part. Often malfunction in ordinary life, but oh so good at killing and general action. The Expendables is even a collaboration of such people.

But a Super Action Hero is something I have never really come across before. And it is a confusing idea to have a hero that is both super, and action. The same confusion must have been felt when the developing team at Com2Us figured out the concept. Sadly the confusion never lifted, and the super action hero is translated into a stick figure with less personality than my pinkie toes. And that is saying a lot since the rest of my feet try not to invite pinkies to parties.

Super Action Hero is a platform brawler with brawling as the focal point. You control the nameless Super Action Hero(SAH) by using a rather weird control keypad with arrows upwards in three directions, forward backwards and down. An action button is found to the right that lets you punch, kick and behave like a bad ass. There is a wide range of combos, and moves depending on how you combine buttons taps and movement keys. I found it extremely hard to get the command I wanted, and this is evident in the tutorial where even the game seems to give up. Instead of forcing you to get it like tutorials for Street Fighter tend to do SAH simply allows you to move forward even though your kick combo was in the wrong direction, and never hit an enemy.

Early on the game works ok, and you basically button mash your generic opponents in oblivion. After a couple of levels you are supposed to jump across platforms, and this is where the game fails utterly. A controls system made for combos, and attacks doesn’t work that well when you actually want to move the hero to a specific location. Spastic frantic movements are the result when trying to just jump up one platform at a time. This is yet another instance where the game feels confused, and far from the Super Action Hero it wants to portray.

The level progression is also highly confusing, and you are allowed to skip ahead by purchasing the next planet using the in game currency. This is not that good at times, as your hero might be far to weak to enter or you might have missed some move needed to progress. All the menus are confusing come to think of it. You can upgrade the hero, and add unlocked items and weapons. It is not totally clear why some items aren’t allowed at some levels, or why the character equips them on the menu screen but lacks them when the level has loaded.

The game is riddled with IAP, and it is hard to see where the game you are allowed to play for free ends, and the paid experience begins. I don’t see the reason why anyone would want to invest in the game, as the story is subpar to say the least. The characters, and enemies are uninspired and overall it feels like a stickman game with a cool name.

The presentation is not good, and to me the entire screen feels fuzzy and washed out. Playing on a new iPad I have grown accustomed to sharp graphics, but alas not to be found here. At times it might be a style the developer was aiming for, but when the menus also bear this washed out tired style it feels sad.

Super Action Hero is a disappointment made even worse by the rather promising name. Nothing about this is super, and albeit there is a lot of action it is repetitive and the highlights forgotten as soon as you start jumping to actually reach a platform. The confused level structure, poor level design and general apathy to create something really super makes this really hard to recommend to anyone.

Final Rating


Super Action Hero Free Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Com2Us

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