Subway Surfers Review

Does this endless runner do enough to make me forget that, well, it’s an endless runner?

Running from point A to point B used to be all the rage in video games. Side scrolling games always saw us trying to move from a starting point in a level to an ending point. Then, something happened, and ending points went away. It become about running from point A until you’re dead. The genre is more than played out on iOS, but that does not mean that a game cannot run along and surprise me.

Subway Surfers is an endless runner with style. You play as a vandal who is spray painting some trains when the pesky security guard comes along and interrupts his fun. What is the only logical thing to do? Run, of course!

You will be collecting powerups, avoiding obstacles (some of which are moving towards you) and generally trying to survive for as long as possible. As you run you will also be collecting coins, which can be used to upgrade your powerups and buy special items to help you progress.

Progression in the game is very similar to Tiny Wings. You are given three goals to complete, and once you complete them you move on and get three more goals. Completing missions ups your multiplier, allowing you to earn higher scores.

In terms of gameplay, it’s pretty standard stuff as far as endless running games go. That’s not to say it is bad by any means, because it still quite fun, it’s just not reinventing the wheel. In fact, most of what I wrote about it should sound strikingly similar to the most popular 3D running game, Temple Run.

The perspective is almost the same as Temple Run, but instead of turning, you are going in a straight line the whole way through. The challenge comes more from the going up in the level. You will be jumping on moving trains and trying to find the optimal path to last as long as possible.

Visually, this game looks better than most endless runners. It’s based in a 3D world, and the art style and graphics are quite nice.

In the end, Subway Surfers looks and sounds great, but it does not add anything new to the endless running genre. It’s fun to play, but it feels a little too much like games that have come before. If you are a fan of the genre, it is most certainly worth a look, but if you’ve seen your share of endless runners, do not expect to get much out of this game.

Subway Surfers is available for free for a limited time. Get it on the App Store.

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  • Bella Kyila

    love this game

  • Shela Charles

    very addictive! Want to know more about scoring so I can up my scores. Am now at X18 level.

  • xd

    This is cooooollll .!!!!! I love it :D