Stupid Zombies 2 review

Stoopid, stoopid zooms they calls uss.

Ok so this is a game title that is kind of a bit on the mean side. Come on, them zombies have already lost their cerebral functions as it is. Now we want to call them stupid too? If there ever was a need for some Friends organisations to come along and console anyone this is it. If all you can urge for is brains, guts and other slimy innards it is kind of hard to ponder the reality of men, or life after death. And now you have done it a second time, as it wasn’t enough with one game. The sequel has nothing redeeming the reputation of zombies, and yet again they get portrayed as stupid. Couldn’t you have called them slow, or breathing impaired or something?

I have to be completely honest about this: I never gave the first game a chance. It was released in the midst of my worst zombie ignorance period thus far. I didn’t hate them; I simply didn’t care anymore about anything related to dead walking about. Sure I did try it, but after a couple of levels I gave up with an “angry birds clone” snarl. Since then I have seen a lot friends playing it, or at least my lesser fortunate Android wielding friends. If it isn’t free they won’t play, and there must have been a free version in rotation. Nevertheless a lot has happened since the original was released. And the biggest change came with the television series The Walking Dead, and later the game with the same name. It got me back into a love-hate relationship with zombies. When I got a chance to review the sequel to Stupid Zombies I actually felt motivated to kill again, zombies that is.

Stupid Zombies 2 plays much the same way as the original. You aim your weapon by dragging a line, and release to fire. As the weapons are usually a shotgun, or other ballistic guns there is no trajectory or power involved. The bullets bounce, and that is where the true aiming comes in. Trying to predict the bounce is quite hard when more obstacles are introduced. The game manages to keep me motivated by always giving new challenges such as moving platforms, items to activate and cool explosive weapons. It is however in reality really samey, and whenever I take a step back to analyse it is about shooting zombies using ricochets.

The presentation is more polished than the original, but it will not win any accolades for graphics. There is simply too much grey, and the bloodspatter isn’t over the top. I would have liked some wicked splashes of blood littering the screen. As for sound it is ok too.

I have had a blast killing zombies, and trying to get three stars on all levels. In the end though it feels like an ordinary casual timewaster instead of something I really long to play again. For those of you in need to feel clever killing stupid zombies gets a clear recommendation.

Final Rating


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