Street Fighter X Tekken – Hands-on video and impressions

Fighting series favouritism does not exist in this dojo! We get down and dirty with Capcom’s latest multi-mascot fighter…

There was a time when you were either a Tekken guy, or a Street Fighter guy. Well, times are a changin’… now you can be both!

We got a very limited hands-on time with Street Fighter X Tekken at E3 this year, but today we received a preview build prior to the eventual release sometime soon. So, while waiting on the Apple press conference I partook in a few bouts.

Video hands-on footage:

If you suggested bringing two of the world’s greatest fighting series to iOS a few years back, and you would have ridiculed in public and banished from the lands. Surely it would be futile to attempt fighting games on a touchscreen? Well, roll back to 2010 and Capcom did just that, surprising everyone by bringing a port of Street Fighter 4 to iPhone.

Not only did the quasi 2D-3D visuals look great on a mobile device – and more importantly lag free. But the controls, despite being of the virtual variety – worked like a charm.

So, here we are two years later, and Capcom – with help from appearances by Namco’s Tekken fighters – are ready to up the ante.

Those familiar with Street Fighter on iPhone – in any guise – will be right at home with the general production of SFxT. It pretty much follows the same presentation and style, from the user interface, to the great control setup and move lists. This time out however, Capcom have moved away from the pre-rendered 2D fighters (2D versions of the 3D fighters in the console edition) and instead rendered them fully in 3D. While they don’t quite have the Street Fighter 4 look down, the 3D does allow for more fluid and realist motion of the characters (as realistic as a crazy fighting game can be). This no doubt requires more horsepower from the host device, so I’m not sure how this game will fair on old devices, pre-iPhone 4.

So, it looks great but how does it fight? Well, as I said I’ve only had a few bouts, but so far things are looking promising. Including the Tekken roster of fighters certainly adds a freshness to proceedings. And while there are, as of now, only a limited number of mascot characters, Capcom will no doubt add more through IAP, as they have for SFIV and SFIV VOLT. Like King of Fighters, SFxT is not a single character fighter, and is instead Tag-team based, allowing you to call in your wingman (or woman) at any time.

New to SFXT are Pandora’s Box powers. Depending on which of the three available boxes you choose (Immense power, Iron Wall or Divine speed) once powered up you can unleash its power, temporarily possessing your characters with a powerful in-human force.

Multi-player has alluded me so far. With this in early preview and not public release, finding other players online is futile. But be sure I’ll give it a proper run for its money in our review

Street Fighter X Tekken is shaping up to be another solid fighting game from Capcom, bolstering an already great lineup of fighting games on the AppStore, for what is essentially an unlikely marriage on the iPhone.

Look out for more news on the game’s development soon.

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  • Jonas

    Great article, and equally great (if not even more awesome) video. Thanks!

    A quickie, though: additional characters were not added as IAP in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter IV Volt for iOS. They were added as free updates.

  • nigelwood

    you are right. looks like IAP was reserved for costumes only