Storm Chasers – The chase review

Storm Chasers is a reality show on the Discovery Channel. Now you get to try out the three different vehicles used in the game Storm Chasers – The Chase. The aim of the game is to catch tornados, and depending on the vehicle you use you get different mini games to complete. The main part of the game is the driving section where you drive in a top down view. You steer by tilt, and accelerate/brake by means of on screen buttons. Once you get a heads up about a nearby tornado you get 30 seconds to get there. I have never failed to reach a tornado, as it is really simple because your vehicle drives as fast off as on the road. Smashing into trees, houses or rocks simply stops the vehicle without any consequences.

img_0573Depending on the vehicle you drive you get a minigame once you reached the tornado. Neither of these are particularly fun. You either get to photograph the eye of the storm, keep your vehicle on the road or place devices at key points. You have to complete the minigames three times for a vehicle to get to the “good job” screen. There are no highscores or any indication that you actually accomplished anything by completing the game.

The presentation is quite solid, and the sound effects are used to great effect. It saddens me that there is such a lack of gameplay in the game. Driving around the countryside chasing tornados doesn’t give me any challenge, as there is no damage done to the vehicle for crashing. The minigames are boring, and the one where you have to keep your vehicle steady in the wind is appalling to control.

img_0575I have not seen the show Storm Chasers, and I doubt I want to watch it after playing The Chase. Just like the game Ice Road Truckers based on the show with the same name The Chase totally omits the characters from the show. I think this is the really strange thing, at least for me who am more interested in people than cool armour plated vehicles.

I cannot recommend Storm Chasers – The Chase to anyone, not even fans of the show will find anything here. There is no trivia and nothing to unlock or achieve that might have appealed to fans. To gamers in general The Chase lacks fun, challenge and any reason to play at all. The production values, especially when it comes to music and sound effects saves it from the lowest grades even though the gameplay and gamelife are down at one star each in my personal breakdown.

img_0590Final Rating


img_0591Storm Chasers – The chase $0.99

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